Stockville, Nebraska

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10 Easter Egg Hunt - Starts at 3pm.

Address: Fairgrounds , Stockville, Nebraska
Ph: 308-367-8759 (Always call and confirm events)


4 July 4th Celebration - Evening activities start at 7pm.

Address: Fairgrounds , Stockville, Nebraska
Ph: 308-367-8759 (Always call and confirm events)

8 - 11 Frontier County Fair & Rodeo - Address: Fairgrounds , Stockville, Nebraska
Ph: 308-367-8337 (Always call and confirm events)

Attractions and Upcoming Events

Perks Prairie Paradise

To Letha and Marlin Perks, Prairie Paradise is their home - truly in the midst of Nebraska's frontier prairie located on the very land Marlin's grandfather homesteaded in 1889. Curious travelers may wonder when they come to the tee crossing of Stockville'

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Log Cabin

In 1882, Ambrose Shelley built a log cabin by Medicine Creek and lived with Indians on Srping Creek during tis construction. Buffalo rubbed it unitkl it fell down, so he was forced to move it across the creek. In 1926

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Frontier County Courthouse

The first county courthouse was built of ash logs and was about 16 feet by 16 feet square, the size of the native ash trees. Rumor has it that the first location for the courthouse was chosen because it was the exact geographical center of the county.

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Stockville's Notables

A number of former residents achieved state and national prominence: * Heading the list is former Governor Frank Morrison and his wife, Maxine. Morrison began his law practice in Stockville. * Former Governor Ralph Brooks grew up here. His father lost an election in the 1890

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Enders Hunting

Including the lake, the entire State Recreation Area encompasses 5,300 acres. Of the 3,643 acres of land, The Enders Wildlife...