Medford, Oklahoma

Medford, Oklahoma

Medford, the county seat of Grant County, is situated on the Chicago, Rock Island, and Pacific railroad just one quarter mile of the geographical center of the county, originally designated as "L" County during the Cherokee Strip territorial division. Situated along the Chisholm Trail it is only eighteen miles from the historic cowtown of Caldwell, Kansas where the legendary wild and ruthless cattle drivers let loose after the long cattle drives along the Trail.

In 1918, Medford's Apollo and Zues Soucek, ages 10 and 12, built a homemade glider and set it in flight by mule power. Apollo later set a U.S. record for altitude - 43,165 feet.

Medford is platted on the most beautiful piece of prairie in the Cherokee Strip that cannot be beaten anywhere. The prairie on which it is located and for many miles around it is level, having sufficient incline to only to give it as good drainage as any place can desire, and lying between Pole Cat Creek on the south and east and Pond Creek on the south and west.

Attractions and Upcoming Events

Medford Centennial Buildling

The Medford Centennial Buildling lets you view records the City's History from 1893 to present.

Medford, OK Museums

Historic Churches

When Medford was first settled as a "tent city"

Medford, OK Historic Churches

Grant County Historical Society Museum

Visit the Grant County Museum to learn about the history and development of the area from the 1893 Cherokee Strip Land Run, farm equipment, and 1890s clothing and cooking equipment.

Medford, OK Museums

Chisholm Trail Marker

The marker designates the crossing of the Chisholm Trail with a historic monument located south and 1 1/4 mile east of Highway 81.

The Chisholm Trail ... Medford, OK Historical Markers

Grant County Homesteader's Monument

Dedicated to the Pioneers and Homesteaders of the Land Run into the Cherokee Outlet, part of which is Grant County on September 16, 1893. From the pioneers'

Medford, OK Monuments

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