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Truman Lake ORV Areas Cooper Creek Off-Road Vehicle Area is located south of Clinton, Missouri near the town of Deepwater. The area is designated for off road vehicle use including dirt bikes, all terrain vehicles, and dune buggies. Large vehicles such as pick-ups and jeeps are prohibited. Only motorized vehicles can utilize the park areas.

Cooper Creek is managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and is the only place on the Truman project that off road vehicles are allowed. Cooper Creek Park covers approximately 400 acres of hills, trails, and open areas and is divided into a north and a south riding area. The north riding area is 90 acres in size. The south area has a parking area and restroom and is much larger with over 300 acres containing more intricate trails. Use of the area is free.

The riding area's boundaries are either fenced or signed. Riders outside the riding area boundaries are subject to receive citations.

Cooper Creek Area is managed for multiple uses. The City of Deepwater manages a boat ramp located between the north and south riding areas. The land surrounding the riding area is privately owned or is managed for wildlife.

It is unlawful to operate ORV's on a state right-of-way or Henry County roads. This includes all of the roads within the Cooper Creek Area and Highway 13. A crossing zone has been established for riders traveling between the north and south riding areas. All riders must come to a complete stop and then proceed with caution. Observe all traffic and safety signs. Parking areas are for loading and unloading only. Ride slowly in these areas.

When using Cooper Creek, please keep the safety of yourself and others using the area in mind. Use all proper safety equipment. An adult should accompany young riders.

Camping is not permitted in the Cooper Creek Area. The nearest Corps of Engineers Campground is Sparrowfoot just south of Clinton.

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