Valparaiso, Nebraska

Valparaiso, Nebraska

Early settlers who came to Oak Creek Valley thought it the ideal place to live and called it the Spanish name for " Valley of Paradise", Valparaiso. Today the valley still draws newcomers, some who choose the area to build their homes within the atmosphere of smaller towns and still within a half hour of large city amenities. Others come to the area for recreational opportunities offered by the largest body of recreational water within 100 miles of Lincoln and Omaha.

Located less than ten miles from Branched Oak Reservoir, Valparaiso welcomes you to come into town for a break at the lake or when in need of extra supplies, services, or Sunday church services. You may also enjoy starting out on an outdoor adventure at the Oak Creek Trailhead which opens the scenic valley with 12 miles of railbed trail.

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Early Churches

Some of the early churches that are serving Valparaiso are:

Mary A. Johnson Episcopal Church was dedicated in 1881.

Church of Christ was dedicated in October, 1883.

The Baptist Church was built and dedicated about 1885 or 1886.

Saints Mary &

Valparaiso, NE Historic Churches


Valparaiso is the home of the inspiring chapel at the monastery of Carmel of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

While this page is being developed you may view pictures of the monastery at their website listed below.

Valparaiso, NE

Valparaiso Library

The library occupies the building that originally housed the Oak Creek Valley Bank from 1907 to 1980

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Oak Creek Trailhead

A corridor once used by the Union Pacific Railroad, the Oak Creek Trail is now part of the American Discovery Trail route through Nebraska. The 12

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