Voices of the Wind People Pageant

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A Clash of Two Cultures
“This expansive and splendid pageant, in a natural amphitheater near the
Neosho River, portrays the rich and diverse heritage of Kansas…”
Leo Oliva, Santa Fe Trail historian

“Voices… has become a milestone for the Kanza people and the city of Council Grove, Kansas. The pageant depicts a part of the Kanza history with accuracy and true expression.”
Wanda Stone, Chairperson (1988–2002), Kaw (Kanza) Nation

The Voices of the Wind People drama tells the historically accurate story of the clash of two cultures, Native American and Euro-American, in the historic setting of Council Grove, Kansas on the Santa Fe Trail. The two main characters, Chief Allegawaho, the Kanza (Kaw) Chief and Seth Hays, Council Grove’s first Euro-American resident, narrate this compelling story.

This production takes place in the old Neosho riverbed near historic downtown Council Grove and adjacent to the Santa Fe Trail crossing on the Neosho River. It incorporates multi-media showing historic photos, images of the prairie landscape, and video with the live-action of a pack train, wagon train, stagecoach, and riders on horseback. Tepees and the campfire of a Kanza village complete the setting.

Approximately 35 Kanza Indians of the original Kaw tribe, who once lived in the Council Grove area, return to participate in this production. They provide the principal narration of Chief Allegawaho, enact village scenes, and perform dramatic roles and traditional dances.

The production of Voices of the Wind People is entirely accomplished by volunteer staff and performers. It requires the involvement of approximately 125 people per performance. These volunteers are willing to give their time because they believe in the importance of this story. Each year this is performed, over 4,000 volunteer hours are recorded.

The 2014 performances will be September 19th and 20th at 8:00 p.m. in the old riverbed next to the riverwalk in Council Grove. For more information, please contact Sharon Haun, committee chairperson, (620) 767-6563, or Mary Honeyman, (620) 767-5410, Kaw Mission, or

Voices of the Wind People Pageant

Address : Old Riverbed Amphitheater -- 8 PM Council Grove KS
Phone : 620-767-6563   (Always call and confirm events.)

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