Beckham County, OK

Beckham CountyWelcome to the land of real Cowboys and Indians, Rodeos, Route 66, Hunting, Fishing, Boating, Water Skiing, Museums, Antiques, RV Parks, Oil Wells, Huge Farms and Ranches.

If you're inclined to vacation by canoe, you could travel the waters of the North Fork of the Red River from north to south, or if you prefer the paved route, old Route 66, now portions claimed as Interstate Highway 40, will take you east or west through Beckham County and some of its towns still reminiscent of those scenic '66 days.

Beckham County lies on the southwesternmost boundary of Oklahoma along the 100th Meridian, the historic line determining the Louisiana Purchase, issues of slavery, and claims of Texas Territory. The county used to be part of Greer County, Texas until Texas agreed that it and four surrounding counties would belong to Oklahoma. Over the years, the 100th meridian has been surveyed eight times, resulting in some people living in both Texas and Oklahoma without ever having moved! History of the 100th Meridian can best be explored at the 100th Meridian Museum in Erick.

Route 66 will take you through Elk City with the world's largest drilling rig, to Sayre with the "Hollywood" Courthouse, on to Erick, the home of country singer, Roger Miller, and just at the 100th Meridian, the nearly vanished town of Texola featuring an old 1910 stone jail.

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Presbyterian Church

The First Presbyterian Church is the last original church building still remaining in Sayre. 1908 - 1988

Sayre, OK Historic Churches

Anardarko Basin Museum of Natural History

The Anadarko Basin Museum of Natural History is located in the old Casa Grande Hotel, which was headquarters for the US Highway 66 Association National Convention on April 27, 1931. Two hundred twenty-five delegates attended the convention and 30,000

Elk City, OK Museums

Parker Drilling Rig

Parker Drilling Company Rig 114 is 181' tall, one of the world's tallest and one of the deepest drilling. Before drilling for natural gas, it drilled a world record nuclear test hole in the Aleutian Islands in Alaska - 10' wide and 4,500' deep.

Elk City, OK Natural Attractions

Ackley Park

Enjoy Ackley Park located on Historic Route 66

Elk City, OK Recreation

Shortgrass Country Museum and Historical Society

The Shortgrass Country Museum is one of the important historical landmarks of Sayre. In 1930 the Rock Island Depot was moved from its original site to the center of downtown.

Sayre, OK Museums

Flying W Guest Ranch

The Flying W Ranch has RV hookups available for 10 vehicles near the lake. This area has a convenient shower house. Kids and adults alike will enjoy the variety of critters around the farm, including goats, lots of beautiful riding horses, cattle, buffalo. It'

Elk City, OK RV Parks

National Route 66 Museum

Step back in time at the National Route 66 Museum and Old Town Museum Complex. The museum focuses on the people who lived, worked and traveled "The Road" and offers visitors a road motif to travel through all eight states along Route 66 "The Mother Road".

Elk City, OK Museums

Sayre Municipal Golf Course

The Sayre City Park offers an abundance of activities all within a half-mile radius, such as a well maintained public nine-hole golf course with cart rentals available.

Sayre, OK Golf Courses

RS & K Railroad Museum

Relive the days when the Railroads brought us everything from soup to hay. Experience the entertainment of twelve model trains running at the same time, different gauges, and over 350 feet of track! See over 100 trains beautifully displayed and lots of memorabilia. Over 30

Sayre, OK Museums

Post Office Mural

Displayed on the lobby wall of the art deco post office is a WPA commissioned mural capturing a moment of the infamous Oklahoma Land Run. - Artist, Vance Kirkland, 1940

Sayre, OK Arts

Sayre City Park

The Sayre City Park offers an abundance of activities all within a half-mile radius, such as a well maintained nine-hole golf course with cart rentals available, an 18

Sayre, OK Recreation

Old Town Museum Complex

The Old Town Museum complex is the steward for the present generation in preserving those moments of life experienced in settings like the interior of the Rock Bluff School, the Pioneer Chapel and early day pioneer doctor'

Elk City, OK Museums

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