Burt County, NE

Burt County

Burt County is one of the four counties located along the historic Lewis and Clark Byway, Highway 75, that parallels the Missouri River running along Nebraska and Iowa. The designated byway is abundant with natural beauty, recreational opportunities, and archaeological qualities rich in the history of this country.

Burt county is one of the oldest counties in the state, being one of the original eight counties which comprised the Territory of Nebraska. It was named for Nebraska's first Territorial Governor, Francis Burt, of South Carolina. He was appointed by President, Franklin Pierce, in 1854, and died only two days after taking office.

Tekamah was the first settlement in the county and was alone for a long period of time. In turn, the surrounding area rotated around it.
It wasn't until after the Civil War that settlers began locating on homesteads further west. Tekamah become the county seat
after a courthouse war in 1877. Much of the early history of the first settlements on the west side of the Missouri River is available at the Burt County Museum located in Tekamah. Five other National historic sites are located in Tekamah including the 1917 Burt County Courthouse.

The second oldest community in Nebraska, Decatur, is best know for its historic bridge across the Missouri called, Dry Land Bridge. In 1950, the river had shifted its channel. leaving the bridge dry-docked. In 1954, the river was rerouted back to its original channel. Five miles south of Decatur adjacent to Highway 75 on private land is historic Golden Spring. On its sandstone cliff are names carved by the pioneers who paused to refresh themselves and their animals, and by French and Spanish fur traders 150 years before the area was settled.

On Blackbird Hill overlooking the Missouri River a mound of dirt nearly 45 feet high marks the burial site of the great Omaha Indian Chief Blackbird. On August 11, 1804, Lewis and Clark visited and decorated the grave. An interpretive pavilion on Highway 75 between Decatur and Macy commemorates the site.

Logan Creek in the Oakland vicinity is the historic archeological site where excavations revealed successive layers,
each representing a reoccupation of the site. The site dates 6000-4000 B.C. and offers an unusually rich record
of activity during this early period of Nebraska's prehistory. Troll Stroll Nature Walk features twenty-four colorful wooden trolls positioned along the way. In town, the Swedish Heritage Center offers a look at the culture of some of the early settlers in Oakland.

St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church is a beautiful example of German folk architecture located near Highway 77 in Lyons.

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Burt County Courthouse - NHR

Built in the Beaux Arts style the Burt County Courthouse was completed in 1917, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The four-story building measures 65 feet by 85

Tekamah, NE Historic Courthouses

Master's Hand Candle Company Serendipity Chocolate Factory

Located along the Louis & Clark Scenic Byway, your ADVENTURE starts here! Serendipity Chocolate Factory and Master's Hand Candle Company~ Tons of fun and adventure under 1 roof! Watch as we show you the lost art of chocolate making! We may even ask you to join in and experience the fun!

Tekamah, NE Tours

Nolana School

The one-room schoolhouse is located on the grounds of the Burt County Museum. It was built in 1903, and was formerly known as the Nolana School in rural Burt County, It was moved to the museum complex in 1988.

Tekamah, NE Historic Schoolhouses

Deutsche Evangelische Lutherische St. Johannes

St. John's German Evangelical Lutheran Church is an excellent example of a German folk version of the Gothic Revival style. Unique in its rich wood and metal detailing, St. John's is one of the finest and least altered frame churches in Nebraska.

Lyons, NE Historic Churches

Logan Creek Site

Hunter-gatherers of the Early Archaic period intermittently reoccupied a campsite on a now deeply buried terrace of Logan Creek located southwest of Oakland. Archeological excavations revealed successive layers, each representing a reoccupation of the site. The site dates 6000-4000

Oakland, NE Archaeology

Northridge Golf and Country Club

Built in1996 amid rolling hills bordering the Missouri River valley, Northridge boasts a 9-hole, par 36

Tekamah, NE Recreation

Carnegie Library

An $8,000 gift more than 85 years ago has resulted in decades of reading enjoyment for citizens of Tekamah and the surrounding area. The building itself, an example of the Renaissance Revival style, is listed on the Nebraska Register of Historic Places

Tekamah, NE Carnegie Libraries

Burt County Museum

The Burt County Museum is located in the E.C. Houston House built for Emsley Clinton Houston. Houston was the owner and founder of the Houston Lumber Company in Tekamah and also served as vice president of the First National Bank of

Tekamah, NE Museums

Summit Lake State Recreation Area

Summit is a 190-acre lake with 345 acres of land. While not the jewel it once was, Summit Lake has a sparkling future. Nebraska Game and Parks Commission began draining the 190-acre lake in July 2000. In the spring of 2001

Tekamah, NE Recreation

John Henry Stork Log House - NHR

John Henry Stork came to Burt County from Prussia in 1864 and settled on a farm in Arizona Precinct near Tekamah. Stork later built the log house and in September 1871 received his homestead patent from the U.S.

Tekamah, NE National Register

Swedish Heritage Center

The Swedish Heritage Center is housed in the beautiful former Swedish mission Covenant Church building. Oakland's own Swedish museum and gift shop was opened in 1989 and features free monthly cultural programs.

Oakland, NE Museums

Tekamah City Bridge - NHR

The Tekamah City Bridge is included on the National Register of Historic Places due to its age, integrity, engineering method and manner of construction. The bridge is a concrete rigid-frame style, developed in Westchester County, New York, in the early 1920

Tekamah, NE National Register

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