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Cass CountyNestled halfway between Omaha and Lincoln and the grassy banks of two mighty and historic rivers, Cass County is a popular daytrip destination for families seeking serenity and adventure away from the city. Discover for yourself why outdoor lovers, history buffs, and specialty shoppers are visiting Cass County like never before.

Just a few miles north of Plattsmouth, the historic Platte River that guided and nourished thousands of pioneers along the overland trails westward meets the mighty Missouri flowing southward. The meeting of these two rivers is a sight of nostalgic recounting that is sure to stir your respect for nature and the visions of those who found this amiable westward route that broke away from the depths of the big river.

Cass County is one of the earliest settled counties in Nebraska. It was named in honor of General Lewis Cass of Michigan ( 1782-1866), an American statesman and patriot, who took an active part in the fight over the Kansas-Nebraska bill. Cass was the Democratic nominee for President in 1848.

Historical museums in several cities throughout Cass County give a full view of the history of the area. The Bess Streeter Aldrich Museum in Elmwood is housed in the "Elms," Aldrich's home, with her personal desk from which great literary works such as A Lantern in Her Hands came into being. Weeping Water presents two museums, The Heritage House Museum and Memory Lane Museum, and the Greenwood Depot Museum is a historical reminder of the past in the only depot in Cass County that has been preserved. The Cass County Historical Museum is located in Plattsmouth, and the Murdock Historical Museum reveals the history of the community of Murdock.

Outdoor fun and recreation abound along the Platte River bordering the northern edge of the county. Mahoney State Park, Platte River State Park, and the Louisville State Lakes provide water activities, camping, and recreation while the Wildlife Safari near Lousiville allows you to drive through North American wildlife and see animals and prairies closer than ever.

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Aldrich House Museum

Visit the historical home of nationally renowned author and one of Nebraska's most widely read and enjoyed authors. Bess Streeter Aldrich, author of "A Lantern in Her Hand," enjoyed a writing career that spanned more than 40 years.

Aldrich's work encompassed more than 100

Elmwood, NE Museums

G.A.R. Hall

Built in 1886

Elmwood, NE

Gibson House - NHR

The Gibson House, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is an excellent example in Nebraska of Georgian architecture. The house also incorporates Italianate features in its design. The two-story brick dwelling was built for Mary

Weeping Water, NE National Register

Kehlbeck Farmstead - NHR

The Kehlbeck Farmstead, located near Avoca, is a remarkably well-preserved farmstead composed of twenty-three buildings illustrating an early twentieth century general farm operation. Noteworthy buildings include the two-story frame house, built in 1907

Avoca, NE National Register

Theodore Davis Site - NHR

On a prominent natural terrace of Weeping Water Creek, the Davis village, located near the town of Weeping Water, is the most extensively studied community of the Nebraska Phase. This culture flourished along the Missouri River and its tributaries from A.D. 1100-1400

Weeping Water, NE Archaeology

Old American Exchange Bank Building

The following is an abbreviated version of the bank history as first written by Richard Clements on November 18, 1983.

The American Exchange Bank was incorporated July 13, 1889 and bank business began on September 9, 1889

Elmwood, NE

Limestone/Independence Day

The annual Limestone/Independence Day Celebration is a combined celebration of two former events, Limestone Days and Fourth of July.

Weeping Water, NE Festivals

Old Avoca Schoolhouse

The Old Avoca Schoolhouse built in 1912, is home to the concerts, workshops, and performances of Greenblatt and Seay, as well as the Schoolhouse Orchestra. Fiddles, harmonicas, dulcimers, and recorders are all part of the musical repertoire located in this little town of 267 people.

Avoca, NE Arts

Outdoor Mural

If you enter Elmwood from the south, one of the first things that will catch your eye is the attractive mural painted on the south side of Lou'

Elmwood, NE Arts

Prairie Country School

There is no better way to appreciate and understand history than to live it. Now your students or organization can have the opportunity to do so at a convenient location. During your visit to the Prairie Country School in Murdock, Nebraska you will step back into the 1890

Murdock, NE Historic Schoolhouses

Lofte Community Theatre

The Lofte Community Theatre is excellence in family entertainment and professional in quality performances. The uniqueness of it's building and rural location make this theatre a fun experience that keeps comedy and musical buffs coming back season after season. After 29

Weeping Water, NE Theatres

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