Cedar County, NE

Cedar County

The Upper Missouri's crystal-clear water is one of Nebraska's little-known treasures. A float trip follows the same watery trail
traveled by our country's most famous historic
explorers, including Lewis and Clark, Chouteau
and Audubon. As you paddle and float down
the serene Upper Missouri, you can imagine
the sights and sounds that might have greeted
the courageous souls who ventured into this
wild land, the home of Standing Bear and the
Ponca Tribe before the Trail of Tears. Your
guide will bring those times to life with stories
of real and imaginary expeditions into the heart
of what still is a region of great natural beauty.

Nestled in the golden, chalkstone-lined valley of the Missouri River, Knox County abounds with untempered bluffs, valleys, and wooded plains abundant with wildlife and opportunities for outdoor recreation. The portion of the Missouri River located at Knox County had been formed into the Lewis and Clark Lake by the construction of Gavins Point Dam, a major hydroelectric power source regulating six main stem dams and reservoirs on the Upper Missouri River.

Niobrara State Park, just 2 miles west of the community of Niobrara, is situated at the confluence of the Niobrara River and the Missouri River. It offers float trips, camping, modern cabins, hiking, and wildlife observation. Throughout the county remain several small communities with restored historical buildings and interesting sites that make for a worthwhile day trip.

The Lewis and Clark Visitor Center now stands on historic Calumet Bluff which is where Lewis and Clark had their first meeting with the Yankton Sioux tribe on their journey up the Missouri River. Exhibits on this exploration and other historical information is available throughout the year.

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Hartington Golf Course

The Hartington Golf Course, one of the premier golf courses in Northeast Nebraska, is located west of Highway 15 on Felber Street. The 9-hole course features a mixture of tree-lined holes over varying terrain. The course record of 29 was set in 1994

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Cedar County Historical Museum

The original museum was built as a private home in 1900. The house was donated to the Historical Society in 1964 by the A. K. Lammers daughters. Since that time, the Society has collected a

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Gavin's Point Dam

Gavin's Point Dam, part of the 1944 Pick-Sloan Plan, plays an important role in the successful operation of the six main stem dams and reservoirs on the Upper Missouri River Basin. The dam was completed in 1957 at a cost of $51 million.

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Hartington City Auditorium

Construction of the Hartington City Auditorium began in the spring of 1922 and was completed in 1923. The building was designed by Sioux City architect, William Steele, who formerly worked for Louis H. Sullivan, a prominent member of the Chicago School of Architecture. Listed on the

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Cedar County Courthouse

The Cedar County courthouse listed on the National Register of Historic Places, was built in 1892 by area builder, Henry Stuckenhoff, at a cost of $19,999

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Felber Park

This beautiful facility features a baseball and football field, municipal swimming pool (handicap accessible), tennis courts, basketball court, volleyball courts, and playground equipment. The tennis,

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Dance Halls

The Skylon Ballroom in Hartington has a storied history. Performers such as Guy Lombardo and Lawrence Welk played at the Skylon. Today, it is still used for dances and concerts for people of all ages. The hall also serves as a community reception

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Cedar County Fairgrounds and Raceway

The Cedar County Fairgrounds are located on the eastern edge of Hartington. At the Fairgrounds there is a quarter-mile dirt stock car track available for stock car races.

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Excellent Hunting

The Hartington area also provides exceptional pheasant habitat, making Cedar County one of the premier pheasant hunting

Hartington, NE Recreation

Historic Places in Cedar County

Hartington - Cedar County Courthouse (1892): Romanesque Revival style.

- Cedar County Historical Museum: Hugo Woebbens wood carving collection; exhibit building with surrey, funeral coach, old horse barn. 304 W. Franklin


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Hartington Golf Club

Course Access: Public
Holes: 9
Reserve Advance Tee Times: 7

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