Cherry County, NE

Cherry County

Cherry County has an abundance of natural beauty, from the rolling Sandhills to the awe inspiring Niobrara River valley. The Arthur Bowing Sandhills Ranch will give its visitors a glimpse of the past as well as the present. It is a working ranch with many of its historical elements still in place.

Visit Fort Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge and see buffalo, elk, Texas longhorn, a prairie dog town, and Fort Falls. To gain a full appreciation of the striking beauty of the Niobrara River, canoe or tube the river. Smith Falls is the tallest falls in Nebraska, tumbling 75 feet, and is one of several waterfalls along the Niobrara River. There are several outfitters that rent canoes, tubes, and even bicycles. Hiking, biking, or equestrian is the way to see the Cowboy Trail.

For sportsmen, there is hunting, fishing, camping, and boating at Merritt Reservoir and the Valentine National Wildlife Refuge. Merritt Reservoir south of Valentine has almost 3,000 acres of water to provide a recreational area which offers camping and is an excellent fishing area along with water sports and hunting.

With all there is to see and do, Cherry County is truly a vacation paradise.

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National Wildlife Refuges

One of the world's unique geological areas,k the 19,000-square-mile Sandhills in north-central Nebraska is a vast region of sand dunes blown in by winds about 8,000 years ago. The nearby unchartable maze of grass-covered dunes scared away early pioneers.

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Cherry County Historic Bridges - NHR

Cherry County has six bridges listed on the National Historic Register usually designated as such because of their age and unique designs.

Bell Bridge

Valentine, NE National Register

Post Office Mural - NHR

The former Valentine United States Post Office, constructed in 1936-37, is a one-story, brick and limestone Modernistic style building. While the building retains a high degree of integrity, its national historical significance derives

Valentine, NE National Register

Centennial Hall and Museum

The bond issue to build the Valentine Public School was approved in February 1897. It was designed by Omaha architect Charles F. Beindorff, and construction was completed in 1898. The two-story brick structure

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Arthur Bowring Sandhills Ranch Historical Park

Ever wonder what ranch life was like during the settlement of the Sandhills in the late 1800's? A visit to the Arthur Bowring Sandhills State Historical Park will let you see

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Cherry County Courthouse - NHR

Although Cherry County is the largest county (in square miles) in Nebraska, early settlement did not occur until the late 1870s. By the early 1880s, however, settlement began to increase spurred on, in part, by the construction of the railroad. In 1883

Valentine, NE National Register

Walcott House - NHR

This one-and-one-half-story frame house, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is a simplified example of a Neo-Classical Revival dwelling, based upon earlier Greek Revival style houses in the eastern and mid-western states. F. M.

Valentine, NE National Register

Cowboy Trail

By the late 1800s, the United States saw railroad tracks stretched, like a giant web, across its entirety, carrying cargo and travelers towards settlement in the West. Long silenced, abandoned, and almost forgotten, a hundred years later the rails are beginning to see travelers once again. They'

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Deer Park Golf Club

Deer Park is a scenic nine-hole golf course overlooking the Minnecheduza Creek

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Cherry County Historical Society Museum

The Cherry County Historical Society Museum offers the visitor a view into the town's colorful past from Boot Hill and prairie desperadoes to its present status as a thriving community of homes, businesses, and churches.

Exhibits include Native American artifacts,homesteaders'

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Village of Sparks

Situated in the unique Niobrara River Valley, this historic village began with the 1885 organization of the Sparks School District. Since 1888

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Sandhills Museum

Relive the colorful history of this unique area. Collection includes: 15 pre-1928

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