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Clark CountyAgricultural, including ranching and farming, is a basic economic source in Clark County. The county has 582,000 acres of agricultural land with 394,000 acres in pasture range, the fourth largest number of acres in the state of Kansas. There are 260 farms in Clark County. Major crops include wheat, grain and forage sorghum along with alfalfa and some oats and barley. Most crops are produced by dry land farming, but over 4,000 acres are irrigated.

The cattle industry is the major source of employment in Clark County. Although hogs, sheep, horses and chickens are raised, the business related to the ranches, farms, feedlots, breeders, grain, feed and seed processors have great economic impact on the area.

Oil was first discovered in 1914 in the Bluff Creek area. Oil and gas production continues to be an ongoing support for the economy. Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America has offices near Ashland.

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Clark County State Lake

Clark County Lake is nestled in a rugged area of Clark County north of Ashland. This 337

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Big Basin Prairie Preserve

Big Basin is a large circular depression. It is about one mile in diameter and about 100 feet deep. The walls of the basin are nearly vertical. Scattered across the floor of Big Basin are a number of small ephemeral ponds that catch and temporarily hold the water that flows into the basin.

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Hardesty House

The Hardesty House is a hotel with restaurant and club featuring historical motif. It is listed as one of the 10 best places to eat in Kansas. It is closed on Mondays.

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St. Jacob's Well

St. Jacob's Well was a welcome spot in this arid area for early explorers and settlers as well as for drovers who used the watering hole for cattle during the long cattle drives heading for Dodge City. A stone pillar marks the highest point, affording travelers a point of reference for St. Jacob'

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Clark County Lake

Clark County Lake is nestled in a rugged area of Clark County southeast of Minneola. This 337

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Tim's Diner

Tim's Diner is a simple stop at the intersection where food and refreshment reveals a surprising discovery - behind the log cabin exterior rests numerous wildlife mounts and dioramas, featuring moose, squirrel, beaver, rattlesnakes, prairie dogs, and much more —

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Clark County Courthouse

The Clark County Courthouse is noted for a map of the county inscribed on the face of the building. Several historical sites are shown.

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Old Stockgrowers Bank

The Old Stockgrowers State Bank Building is registered as a historic landmark by the United States Department of Commerce.

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Big Basin Prairie Preserve

The Kansas Historical Marker stands within a geological feature known as the Big Basin, which is a sinkhole or "sink"

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Ashland Driving Tour

Tours of wildflowers, 314 homes built before 1920, ghost towns, hunting sites, nature, geological sights, trail rides and early Indian and cattle drive trails are available.

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