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Tillman CountyFor those who remember the massive flocks of waterfowl that once winged across the skies of southwest Oklahoma's Tillman County, it has inspired visionaries to restore one of the state's most glorious natural treasures. That treasure is Hackberry Flat Wildlife Management area, a 7,120-acre wildlife oasis located in south central Tillman County.

When pioneers arrived on the plains of southwest Oklahoma a century ago, they encountered clouds of waterfowl so thick that they darkened the skies of Tillman County. At times, the noise from the birds winging overhead was deafening, and the noise created by the calls of so many species lasted from dawn until dusk.

Initially, the area's abundant wildlife and rugged landscape drew the attention of one of America's most famous outdoorsmen, President Theodore Roosevelt. He visited and hunted near hackberry Flat in what was known as the "Big Pasture." Among others, President Roosevelt, and local "wolf" hunter, Jack Abernathy, and the last Comanche Chief, Quannah Parker, hunted coyotes near Hackberry Flat in 1905.

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The Hughes Building and Hughes Jewelry

Originally the National Bank of Commerce (est 1902) with a Victorian red brick exterior, this historic Frederick building has for some 70 years now been clad with the beige 'deco' rock exterior it features today. The home of Hughes Jewelry since 1952

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Hotel Frederick

Built in 1929, the lobby and business areas of the Hotel Frederick were hubs of activity in town. The Blue Room was the site for elaborate dinners, as well as every formal function in town. Now, after restoration in the 1990

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Pioneer Heritage Townsite Museum

The Tillman County Historical Museum was founded to preserve artifacts and

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Ramona Theatre

The historic Mediterranean style theatre was once known as "The Showplace of The Southwest!" It was restored by volunteers and the Frederick Arts Council and provides a variety of cultural opportunities to the public. It has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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Lake Frederick

Frederick offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature and the great outdoors. Lake Frederick, only a few miles away, offers sites for motor homes, RVs, and tents. Visitors won'

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Hackberry Flat Wildlife Management Area

At one time Hackberry Flat was a large isolated wetland that in the wettest of years may have been more than 3,000 acres in size. Thousands of waterfowl and shorebirds once used this wetland as a stopping place during both fall and spring migrations. In the early 1900

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Frederick Golf & Country Club

Course Access: Private
Holes: 9
Reserve Advance Tee Times:

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