Doniphan County, KS

Doniphan CountyIn thebeginning a series of glaciers covered the land with mountains of ice, carving a landscape of hills and valleys, giving Doniphan County the name of "Little Switzerland.

Doniphan County was the first named Kansas county. Founded 140 years ago, Doniphan County and its quiet little towns seem unaffected by the passing of time making it easy to imagine you are in 1856 Kansas once again. Captivated by rolling hills and valleys you can easily envision Indian growth and adventure, when riverboats arrived and departed regularly and business thrived. Bordered on three sides by the Missouri River, the county offered great advantages for markets and profited enormously. River towns sprung up, steamboats supplied the towns and unloaded travelers and freight headed for the Western Interior. Immigrants came from as far away as Switzerland, France and Germany. A French influence is recognized in the extravagant architecture of homes and buildings constructed.

Traveling along K-7 Highway, north of Sparks, imagine the steamboats accepting the challenge of the mighty Missouri as they deliver passengers and goods to the towns along the way. can't you just see the boats docked on the levees? The wagons and people are busy and lively. There is a great hustle and bustle of excitement.

Doniphan County is blessed with rich natural resources, a beautiful landscape, a large river, woods, wildlife and rolling hills. We enjoy what we have and would like to share it with you.

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Tall Oak Sculpture

Mr. Peter Wolf Toth came to Troy to sculpt Kansas' Indian monuments, the twenty-ninth in a series. Mr. Toth's goal in life was to complete at least one sculpture in each of the fifty states. To date, he has done 67

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Self Guided Byre and Bluff Barn Tour

Take the self guided barn tour to view Byre and Bluff barns. Their scarcity makes them extremely rare. Many are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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Piggy Bank Monument

Pete the Pig Monument stands on main street in White Cloud, Kansas. In 1910, ten-year old Wilbur Chapman sold a prized pig to raise money for a leper colony. Coin savings banks were created in the shape of pigs, manufactured, and sold, resulting in the origination of the "Piggy Bank"

White Cloud, KS Monuments

Nelson Rodgers House

Constructed in 1856, this is the oldest structure in Troy. The one-and-a-half story center-gable house is constructed of hand-hewn timbers. The corner posts are hand-hewn cottonwood and the windows contain some original hand made glass. Nelson Rodgers, the town'

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Irvin Hall, Highland Community College

Irvin Hall, Highland Community College is the oldest college building still in use in Kansas. When the town of Highland was established in 1857, one of the first objectives was to establish a site for a university. Work on the first building, Irvin Hall, began in 1858

Highland, KS Historic Schoolhouses

Old Fashioned Hardware

The old fashioned hardware store on the historic courthouse square in Troy hasn't changed much in over a century. You can still see the original manual operated elevator that continuous to serve the store today.

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Doniphan County Courthouse

The Courthouse is on the National Historic Register. The beautiful woodwork and floors give the feeling of history as it was lived long ago.

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Ma Hush Kah Museum

Ma Hush Kah Museum in White Cloud was originally a school building for African Americans, built between 1871 and 1872, and costing $12,000 featuring 4

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Native American Heritage Museum

The Native American Heritage Museum at Highland Mission Historic Site operates as a Kansas State Historical Society museum featuring Native American culture, history, and folk art. It includes a hands-on center for children and adults, and offers workshops, tours, and a gift shop.

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Civil War Monument

A monument at Bellmont Cemetery, considered a Pioneer Cemetery, was dedicated in 1915

Wathena, KS Monuments

Wilbur Chapman home

Built in 1880, this home, listed on the Kansas Historical Registry, belonged to Wilbur Chapman, creator of "Pete the Pig" piggy bank. Please stop and see the Historical Home where Wilbur Chapman lived. In 1910

White Cloud, KS Historic Homes

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