Edwards County, KS

Edwards CountyLong before the county was settled, travelers used the Santa Fe trail through this area. During the Mexican War, a detachment of soldiers was attacked while using the trail near the site that was to become Kinsley. By the 1870s, it was clear that a railroad would follow the trail, and permanent settlers arrived. Edwards County was actually named for W. C. Edwards, who built a block of buildings in Kinsley during its early days.

There is a roadside park in Kinsley where US-50 and 56 join; it contains the county museum, AT&SF steam locomotive number 3424, an old church, and a sod house. The park also has a red stone DAR marker about the Santa Fe trail and public rest rooms. The stone and yellow brick Edwards County Courthouse is in Kinsley. East of Kinsley on US 50, there is a historical marker describing the 1848 battle of Coon Creek.

Fellsburg is almost gone, but it does have a new home and several nicely maintained older ones. There is a brick building beside the paved road that looks like it used to be a bank; it's still in use.

Trousdale is almost a ghost town, but it still has a brick Methodist church and an old elevator. On the east side of Trousdale there are the ruins of two old shop buildings and a horse drawn road grader marked "Adams Road Patrol No 4 / J. D. Adams & Co. Indianapolis USA."

Centerview, south, of Lewis has nearly vanished, but there is an interesting palisade fence, and the steps up to a long-gone building. A church once here was moved to the roadside park in Kinsley.

Ardell, west of Kinsley on US 50, used to be a big enough town to have a station. Now two rusting and abandoned "tin" elevators are all that's left.

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Kinsley Golf Club

The Kinsley Golf Club has one of the finest 9

Kinsley, KS Golf Courses

Carnival Heritage Center & Museum

Out of the heartland of America, a farmer decided those wooden horses made more money than farming. In 1908

Kinsley, KS Museums

Wendell Church

The Church was built in Edwards County at Wendell in 1881. It was moved to Centerview in 1917. In September 1967

Kinsley, KS Historic Churches

Veteran's Memorial

The Veteran's Memorial features an M60A3 tank which is a fully tracked &

Kinsley, KS Memorials

The Historic Palace Theatre

The Palace Theater has been restored to its majestic glory. Built in 1917, it has been called " of the finest examples of shoebox theater design"

Kinsley, KS Historic Theatres

Edwards County Historical Society Museum

Welcome to Edwards County Historical Society sod house, museum, and chapel, which is located half-way between New York City and San Francisco, in the Half-way Park at the West Edge of Kinsley, Kansas.

Kinsley, KS Museums

The Battle of Coon Creek

Indian attacks along the Santa Fe trail were frequent from the 1820's to the 1870's. Near here, where the trail followed the Arkansas river, the Battle of Coon Creek was fought June 18, 1848, between some 200 Comanches and Osage and 140

Kinsley, KS Battlesites

palace theater

Historic restored theater from the pre 20's/// have pictures, if interested???

Kinsley, KS HistoricTheatres

palace theater

Historic restored theater from the pre 20's/// have pictures, if interested???

Kinsley, KS HistoricTheatres

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