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Howard CountyHoward County in Central Nebraska is traversed by the American Legion Memorial Highway, U.S. 281, with services by the Union Pacific Railroad and far reaching Interstate 80.

Settled in the late 1800s by Danish and Polish immigrants, their cultural traditions bring color and celebrations visited by families from all around the county. Dannebrog was named for the Danish flag. This banner, a red flag covered by the white cross, that means beauty, goodwill, love, peace, and God-given ideals, was first displayed in 1219 A.D., and is considered to be one of the oldest flags in the world.

An annual "Grundlovs Fest" was held in Dannebrog for many years. Recently revived on June 5, 1988, the festival was again a great success.

One of Dannebrog's most famous citizens is Roger Welsch, nationally known for stories of early Nebraska, folklore, and Liars Hall of Fame. Welsch, usually dressed in bib-overalls, currently broadcasts a brief "Post card from Nebraska" on the Charles Kuralt Sunday Morning program.

Farwell was started in 1887 by Polish immigrants and called "Posen. Two years later, because of concern for this nationality identity, a petition was circulated to have the name changed. A Danish word "Farwell" was chosen, which means "good-bye," (good-bye Posen!)

"St.Anthony's Catholic Church is the oldest Polish parish west of the Mississippi. It was organized in 1887 about two miles south of Farwell.

St. Paul is the county seat of Howard County and is the location of the Museum of Nebraska Major League Baseball which houses memorabilia of five Nebraska Baseball Hall of Famers including its own, Grover Cleveland Alexander. Howard County history is exhibited at the Historical Village which is a complex of several buildings from around the county and artifacts revealing a way of life passed down from early pioneers and settlers.

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Baseball Sites

Besides the Museum of Nebraska's Baseball Greats be sure to see these other baseball-related sites and events. * Historic Baseball Mural - Howard Avenue on the historic Cushman Building in the city park. * American Legion Baseball Fields - Declared as some of the best in the state.

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First Presbyterian Church

Included on Howard County's historic church tour is the First Presbyterian Church, the oldest church in St. Paul. On October 26, 1879, the Reverend G.L. Little, missionary, met with 12

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Howard County Courthouse

Howard County was established in 1871, the same year St. Paul was established and named the first county seat. In 1877 the first courthouse was built. By 1912 county officials were interested in replacing the aging building. Construction began in 1912

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Museum of Nebraska Major League Baseball

St. Paul's Baseball Museum is devoted to illustrating the careers of 114 Major League Baseball players with Nebraska roots. All 114 players have made it to the Major Leagues of American Baseball. Five have been inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame: Grover Cleveland Alexander - 1938

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Historic Gruber House

History comes alive at the historic Gruber House, which is a fine example of everyday life at the end of an age of grace and style. Built in 1908, the home reflects the charm of the Victorian era, with furnishings and decor reminiscent of the early 1900

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Howard County Historical Church Tour

Some of the rich ethnic heritage of Howard County is seen through its historic churches. At one time, the county had 12 Danish Lutheran churches. This tour includes 10 churches that have stood the test of time to bring the beauty and history to generations for over 100 years. 1

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Howard County Historical Village

St. Paul's Historical Village consists of seven antique buildings which display a wealth of artifacts from county history. Farwell Danish Lutheran Church - Some of the rich Danish heritage in Howard County is reflected in the Farwell Danish Lutheran Church. At one time, there were 12

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St. Paul Country Club.

Golf enthusiasts enjoy the 9-hole St. Paul Country Club. The golf course has grass greens, watered fairways and a clubhouse.

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Palmer Site

National Historic Landmark - The Palmer Site is the location of a Skidi Pawnee village occupied from 1804 to 1844. The village was visited by numerous personalities including Major George C. Sibley (1811), Stephen Long (1819), Reverend Jedediah Morse (1820)

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Howard County Military Display

Located on the lower level of the Historic Gruber House along with the Museum of Baseball Greats, is a comprehensive display on the military from Howard County. Artifacts, uniforms, photographs, and biographies are on hand for visitors to learn about America and its battles on the field.

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