Jewell County, KS

Jewell CountyJewell County offers a safe and secure lifestyle you can aford and that enhances your retirement dollars. Living in a comfortable home and surrounded by friendly people who care about you, you can access all necessary goods and services. Excellent highways and no traffic congestion make travel easy. Jewell County is centrally located between I-70 and I-80. An extremely low crime rate means you don't even have to lock your car!

Local healthcare is prompt and professional. Speedy transport to regional care centers by ground or air ambulance is available. Health maintenance is easy with walking and jogging safety, lack of smog or other pollutants, and a relaxed and stress-free lifestyle. Close to family and friends, be they old or new, you can enjoy life.

Recreational and volunteer opportunities abound. In addition, there are local business opportunities and investment capital available if you want to start a new venture.

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Old Stone Jail

The old stone jail is one of several buildings that comprise the Jewell County Historical Society Museum and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places

Mankato, KS Pioneer Life

Mankato Library

The Mankato Library is in a handsome building originally built as a YMCA. As a member of the Central Kansas Library System it functions as a modern library facility and also houses genealogical materials including old county newspapers on microfilm.

Mankato, KS Historic Buildings

The Jewell County Historical Society Museum

The Jewell County Historical Society Museum contains donated gifts of various descriptions. The North building was the original home of the Jewell County Historical Society, donated by Mr. &

Mankato, KS Museums

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