McClain County, OK

McClain CountyWhat was once only a river crossing the vast plains of North America little more than a century ago has now developed into a thriving region of communities in McClain County bordered on the east by the scenic bluffs of the South Canadian River.

The area was first settled by the Chickasaw Indians who moved here from Mississippi in search of a place where they could live by their own laws. An 1837 treaty with the Choctaws provided that the Chickasaws could share in the Choctaw Nation, although they remained under Choctoaw government. This was not changed until 1855 when a new treaty granted the Chickasaw the right to their own form of government. Though the land was under common ownership, the Chickasaw fenced off acres of open range and began raising stock.

The Chickasaw life in the new territory centered around raising cattle, horses, and hogs on land that before had been home primarily to buffalo and prairie dogs. Then came the cattle drives, the railroad, white settlers and finally the town that was to play such a prominent role in the early history of the state of Oklahoma. Purcell, the county seat of McClain County was the site of the convention leading to the creation of Oklahoma as the 46th state.

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Santa Fe Plaza and "Star" Memorial

The Santa Fe Plaza is a downtown park providing a scenic and historic rest stop with benches and interesting historic items to browse around and see. A genuine Santa Fe Caboose stands in the park and a "Statehood Star Memorial" is laid in the sidewalk at the front of the park.

Purcell, OK Memorials

Outdoor Art

This surreal representation of a "bug" stands in a field along the highway just north of the Purcell city limits.

Purcell, OK Arts

Historic Hotel Love

The sixty-three room Hotel Love was constructed in 1895 and opened for business in March of 1896. The Purcell Register, a territorial newspaper, reported that the building was "by far the finest hotel in the Chickasaw Nation and has but one equal in the territory ... one at Muskogee."

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Brent Bruehl Memorial Golf Course

Purcell's 18-hole Brent Bruehl Memorial Golf Course is among the top municipal courses in Oklahoma. The 18-hole course has Bent Grass greens with Bermuda Grass fairways. This club has hosted the Heart of Oklahoma golf tournament annually since 1985. It includes a signature number-14

Purcell, OK Golf Courses

Statehood Convention Marker

The first convention to advocate single statehood for Oklahoma was called to order September, 30, 1893

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