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Scott CountyWelcome to Scott County, a prehistoric passageway. During the Pleistocene epoch, when glaciers came as far west as Lawrence, Kansas, dinosaurs loved in the area now named Lake Scott State Park. Once covered by an inland Sea, this area has been the site of many fossil finds dating from 45 million to 140 million years ago.

Scott County was organized by the Kansas legislature in January 1886, thirteen years after the boundaries were defined and the county surveyed along with a group of other western Kansas counties in 1873.

Scott County was named for General Winfield Scott, United States army hero of the Mexican war and is located about sixty miles east of the Colorado line and approximately one hundred miles south of the Nebraska line and the same distance north of the Oklahoma line.

Beaver (sometimes known as Ladder) creek runs through the northwest part of the county. Along its course are scattered many fine valley farms surrounded with alfalfa fields. Its waters furnish the best fishing in the western end of the state, and an all year home for many kinds of water fowl.

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El Quartelejo Pueblo Ruins

See the northernmost pueblo in the United States and one of the first white settlements in Kansas: El Quartelejo Ruins. In the 1500s a group of Taos Indians migrated to the park region. They made pueblos and grew crops using irrigation ditches dug from a nearby spring. After 20

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El Quartelejo Museum

You'll discover the fascinating history of Scott County and its surrounding area at the El Quartelejo Museum located on the west edge of Scott City. What did prehistoric fish look like and why are their fossil bones found in Scott County?

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Squaw's Den Cave, The Last Indian Battle in Kansas

Travel to the place where the last Indian battle in Kansas took place. Punished Woman Fork is about a mile southeast of Lake Scott State Park. It is marked by a monument over a cave known as Squaw's Den where Indian women and children hid while warriors waited in ambush for the US Calvary.

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Old Steele Pioneer Home

As a visitor to Lake Scott State Park you'

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Cattle Feeding Industry

See the multi-million dollar cattle feeding industry in action. Visit a feedlot and see how modern equipment and management work hand-in-hand to produce food for a nation. Scott County ranks #1 in cattle feeding counties in Kansas.

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Keystone Gallery

The Keystone Gallery is housed in the historic limestone building built in 1917 as a community church. It houses a prehistoric museum with late Cretaceous fossils from the Kansas Niobrara formation, a curio shop, featured artwork by Charles Bonner, and information about Monument Rocks.

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