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Seminole CountyThe first Seminole Nation in Oklahoma was formed in 1856 with a treaty made with the Creeks and the Federal government. This Nation, recognized as an independent nation within the United States and under its protection, consisted of the land between the South Canadian River and North Canadian River bounded on the east by a line that is where the present city of Tecumseh now stands, and on the west by the western boundary of the United States, which was the 100th meridian.

The Seminoles, under the leadership of Chief John Jumper, moved to their new nation and established a community known as the Green Head Prairie. A council house was located about two miles north and two miles west of the agency.

The aftermath of the Civil War devastated Indian Territory forcing the five Civilized Tribes to give up their claim to all their land in the western half of what is now Oklahoma. With the signing of yet another treaty in 1866, the Seminoles bought 200,000 acres from the Creeks which is present Seminole County.

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Gil Morgan Golf Course

One of Wewoka's favorite sons, professional golfer Dr. Gil Morgan, has this golf course named after him. This beautiful nine-hole golf course offers a challenging round of golf for both the novice and advanced golfer.

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Seminole Nation Museum

Founded in 1974 by the citizens of Wewoka, the Seminole Nation Museum documents the history and culture of the Seminole Indian Nation, the Freedmen, and the early Oklahoma Pioneers since 1849.

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Outdoor Murals

"Wewoka Switch" - artist, Kenneth & Edwana Gayler Located between 3rd and 4

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Wewoka Lake

Wewoka Lake is open all year and provides a host of water activities, including water skiing, boating, sailing, fishing, and swimming. The lake as a surface area of 500 acres and is surrounded by a beautiful 10

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Whipping Tree

Standing on the lawn of the present day Seminole County Court House is the Whipping Tree where the Seminoles punished their criminals prior to 1907.

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Sportsman's Lake

Sportsman Lake has more than 1,400 acres that provide a wildlife refuge with a 350 acre lake. Sportman's has a variety of activities to offer including fishing, boating, overnight camping, and picnicking areas. The lake area provides the following conveniences:

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Wewoka Library

One of the most beautiful small libraries of Oklahoma belongs to Wewoka. Founded in 1929, its architecture is reminiscent of New England. It has been recently renovated, and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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Seminole Tribal Complex

The Seminoles are a very proud people, devoted to their heritage and traditions. They believe strongly in their culture, which is displayed in many ways, including Stomp Dances Art, Storytelling, Music, and the devotion to their loved ones who pass on.

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Seminole Historical Museum

Antique woodworking tools, farm machinery &

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Little River Trail Rides

Equestrian trail rides through scenic & historic oil-boom area; chuckwagon meals, hayrides &

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Mutt Miller Park

Named for the nephew of an early Seminole Chief who was a highly respected historian and educator, the 12

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