Trego County, KS

Trego CountyMule and white tail deer inhabit the countryside. Pheasants crow, the bob white quail whistles, and the prairie chicken boom at the lake each spring morning. A multitude of song birds awaken the prairie with a symphony of sound accompanied by the creaking of the windmills that dot the countryside. The southern breeze prompts the wild flowers to nod and the prairie grasses to sway.

Nature lovers will delight in the abundance of things to see and do in the great outdoors in Trego County. Our county offers excellent hiking and bird and wildlife watching opportunities as well as hunting and fishing for the sportsman. Cedar Bluff reservoir offers an array of summer water sports such as sailing, boating, skiing and other personal water crafts. Golden and bald eagles can be observed during the winter months as they use the reservoir as their feeding grounds.

As the sun sets on the western horizon, expect to hear the great horned owl hoot form his perch high in the cottonwood tree. Listen as the coyote howls from the rocky ledge of the canyon. You're invited to enjoy the sights and sounds of the natural world in Trego County.

Trego county was named in honor of Edgar Poe Trego, captain of Company II, which was attached to the 8th Kansas Voluntary Infantry.

Three west to east rivers are located in Trego County: the Saline River, Big Creek and the Smoky Hill River. Following the northern side of the Smoky Hill is the Butterfield Overland Despatch Trail, which was a short term stagecoach line that was followed by freight haulers and wagon trains.

In 1865 the Butterfield Overland Despatch was established by Dave Butterfield in the southern part of what later became Trego County. It was originally established to run freight on and then later carried passengers. The trail followed the Smoky Hill River from Fort Leavenworth to Denver and was the shortest route between the two but was not always the safest. The stations in Trego County included Stormy Hollow, Bluffton, White Rock, and Downer. Downer Station was the only home station in Trego County. The BOD was used until 1878 when the railroads moved west. Today the trail is marked and you can still see some of the wagon ruts.

In 1867 and 1898, the Union Pacific Railroad tracks were laid through Trego County.

Today, WaKeeney, Ogallah, and Collyer welcome pioneer spirit to explore the back roads and marvel at our beautiful, rolling prairies.

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Old Fashioned Soda Fountains

Wakeeney has the distinction of having two old- fashioned soda fountains on Main Street. Be a kid again and enjoy an old fashioned ice cream soda!

WaKeeney, KS Soda Shops

WaKeeney Municipal Building

This attractive building, which houses the city administration office, was built in 1937 of native limestone.

WaKeeney, KS Historic Buildings

Trego County Historical Society Museum

The Trego County Historical Society Museum, along with the recent addition of a one-room country school house is located on the Trego County Fairgrounds.

WaKeeney, KS Museums

Big Creek Golf Course

Big Creek Golf Course is one of the nicest 9 hole, grass green golf courses in Kansas. Putting greens, a driving range, and rental carts are available. Ladies Day is held on Tuesday afternoon and Men'

WaKeeney, KS Golf Courses

Trego County Courthouse

The cornerstone of the Trego County Courthouse was laid in 1888, and the building was completed in 1889

WaKeeney, KS Historic Courthouses

Outdoor Recreation

Outdoor recreational opportunites abound around WaKeeney. The town is located in an area offering some of the best bird hunting anywhere. Cedar Bluff Lake and State Park, thirteen miles south of town, offers great fishing, camping, and boating. While you're there, explore Threshing Machine Canyon?

WaKeeney, KS Recreation

Emanuel Lutheran Church

The Emanuel Lutheran Church was constructed in 1902

WaKeeney, KS Historic Churches

WaKeeney Livestock Auction Barn

Grasp a taste of the western Kansas rancher's lifestyle at the WaKeeney Livestock Auction Barn where the second largest livestock sale in Kansas takes place each week.

WaKeeney, KS Agriculture

Butterfield Overland Despatch Trail

Stone markers can be seen where this trail crosses the north-south country roads. The Butterfield Overland Despatch followed the route of the old Smoky Hill trail from Atchison to Denver. In 1865

WaKeeney, KS Pioneer Life

Elk Dreamer Art Gallery

The newest attraction to Wakeeney features southwest art prints and sculptures.

WaKeeney, KS Arts

80 Foot Wide Brick Streets

Take a walk along the 80 foot wide brick streets of downtown. WaKeeney was founded in 1879 by the efforts of a 33

WaKeeney, KS Pioneer Life

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