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Washita CountyThe history of Washita County, Oklahoma and its surrounding territories blends a rich mixture of Native American and pioneer cultures. Traversed for centuries by the plains native tribes, the southwest Oklahoma area was set aside by federal decree following the Civil war as lands of the Cheyenne, Arapaho, Wichita, Caddo, Delaware, Kiowa, Comanche, and Apache tribes.

Land settlement was made available during the opening of the Cheyenne-Arapaho land run in 1892. Scenic Cordell, framed by the historic County Courthouse, has one of the few virtually intact town squares in Oklahoma.

In addition, Washita County has developed a nationwide reputation for its productive agricultural land and beautiful prairie. The recreational ponds and lakes that sprinkle this landscape can be bountiful for fishermen and water enthusiasts alike. Of Oklahoma's 77 counties, the county ranks 6th in total receipts of agricultural output including wheat, cotton, alfalfa, peanuts and livestock. The evidence of the pioneer spirit inherent in the people's attitude makes Cordell and Washita County an excellent source for human capital and a productive work force. As many area employers agree, the Western Oklahoma work ethic is an integral component of the area's economic vitality and growth potential.

Cordell and the communities of Washita County invite you to sample the difference planning and attitude can make. We think you will find our quaint rural appeal to be refreshing, reinvigorating and rewarding. A stop in Cordell and Washita County may be the last stop you or your company will need to make!

Cordell, the county seat, has a population of 3,000. Of note is the energy abundant Anadarko Basin surrounding the Cordell area for many miles. The city has been heralded as a leader in numerous endeavors, including admittance into the National Trust for Historic Preservation's Main Street Program to foster community revitalization. Cordell has been consistently recognized at state banquets as the most awarded small town main street program in Oklahoma.

Burns Flat, 12 miles from Cordell, is also the home of Southwestern Oklahoma Development Authority, Rural Economic and Community Development, Midwestern Oklahoma Development Authority and a field office for the Oklahoma Department of Commerce. Each of these entities is dedicated to making life in Western Oklahoma more lucrative and attractive for its citizenry.

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Old Cordell National Bank Building

The old Cordell National Bank Building with its corner entrance has been a financial center during most of its 95+

Cordell, OK Historic Buildings

First National Bank Building

. L. Hull, long-time president of the First National Bank, was instrumental in the construction of both the old First National Bank Building in 1909-1910 and the Carnegie Library in 1911. He is seen above in the right corner of the 1910 photo of the bank'

Cordell, OK Historic Buildings

Courthouse Clock

The clock displayed on four sides of the Courthouse dome keeps track of Cordell'

Cordell, OK Architecture

Washita County Courthouse

The imposing Washita County Courthouse is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It was designed by Solomon Andrew Layton in 1910 and completed in 1911, and has been called the "Grandfather of Oklahoma's Courthouses."

Cordell, OK Historic Courthouses

Florence Hospital

This photo shows the 1911-1912 Florence Hospital. The hospital, named for the wife of Cordell doctor A. H. Bungardt, was housed on the second floor of this building until the Cordell Memorial Hospital was built in 1957. Photos of the interior include one of the door to the fathers'

Cordell, OK Historic Buildings

Centennial Park on the Square

Visitors will enjoy relaxing by the fountain in Centennial Park on the Square adjacent to the picturesque Courthouse.

Cordell, OK Recreation

Washita Theater

The grand tradition of the Washita Theater has returned to the City of New Cordell. Over 50 years has passed since the days of the Saturday matinee, the preview, and the news reel ... and now the art deco splendor of the Washita will be home to a new generation of movies and movie-goers!

Cordell, OK Historic Theatres

Clinton-Sherman Industrial Airpark

Clinton-Sherman Industrial Airpark (CSIA), formerly Clinton-Sherman Air Force Base and Clinton Naval Air Station, encompasses approximately 3,000 acres in western Oklahoma adjacent to the town of Burns Flat. The Air Force closed the facility in 1969. In the summer of 1971

Burns Flat, OK Military

Cordell Reservoir

The City of Cordell is pleased to offer a unique Southwestern Oklahoma wildlife observation and recreational fishing opportunity. In the midst of semiarid Western Oklahoma, the 30-acre Cordell Reservoir Fish and Wildlife Conservation and Public Use Area is an ecological oasis.

Cordell, OK Recreation

North Block Buildings

This row of buildings, built between 1907 and 1912

Cordell, OK Historic Buildings

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