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York CountyIt seems York County has been called the Crossroads of the Midwest and the Crossroads of America, as major highways (Interstate 80 and Highway 81) intersect here - bringing travelers from all four directions. Even 130 years ago, this area was a resting area for pioneers - and a place where many of those travelers stayed for good.

It started as a dot on the map, a point of reference for pioneers on the Oregon Trail seeking a resting spot. its fertile, rich and prosperous fields - some of the richest in the world - prompted many to stay.

In 1869, road ranches and freight stops dotted the trails, especially in York county. These sprouted up as rest stops fro traveling stage and freight horses and "pilgrim rooms" were available. York was a popular stopping point on the Overland Trail, or the Nebraska City Cut-off, as it was commonly called. A monument commemorating the Nebraska City-Fort Kearney cut-off, it located at the rest stop along the interstate just east of York.

With the arrival of the railroads in the early 1870s, the road ranches shut down and the towns grew. York, growing itself as a regional farm trading center and travel stop, was incorporated in 1870 and designed as county seat. Its first courthouse was built in 1872 and the town boasted thirteen businesses.

A variety of historical sites exist in the county. Old homesteads, cemeteries, churches, and schools can provide "a historical adventure" for all ages.

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Immigrant House

In October of 1874, a group of 35 Mennonite families fled persecution in South Russia and settled in the area of Henderson. That first winter was a hard

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York Country Club

Golfers will enjoy the links at the York Country Club, known as one of the best 18-hole, grass green, golf courses in the state. Visitors to the York area are welcome to golf and use the facilities. Reciprocal agreements honored. Please call for reservations.

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Jeffrey Homestead - NHR

The homestead of the W. S. Jeffery family, near Benedict, is a fine example of a prosperous farmstead in eastern Nebraska dating from 1878 to the present. The largest and oldest structure is the board and batten horse barn, built in 1879-80

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The big Yorkfest celebration will continue to be the highlight of the beginning of autumn and the close of the summer. Held annually the first full weekend of

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Children's Museum

The York Area Children's Museum has a multitude of reality-based displays that bring out children's fantasies based on the fun side of adult realism.

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Anna Bemis Palmer Museum

The Anna Bemis Palmer Museum, considered one of the finest historical museums in Nebraska, is a perfect relaxing location where visitors can slip

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York Library Building - NHR

Constructed in 1901-02 in York, the library is a fine example of educational architecture. Designed by Marrison H. Vail, the building incorporates elements

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Yorkshire Playhouse

The completion of the Yorkshire Playhouse in downtown York was a milestone for the community and the many volunteers and donors

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York County Courthouse - NHR

York, Nebraska has been the county seat of York County since its organization in 1870. The first session of the Board of County Commissioners was held in the old pre-emption

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Bradshaw Town Hall - NHR

The Bradshaw Town Hall, a two-story brick municipal building constructed in 1902-3, is a good example of the town hall, a building type that became

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Recharge Lake

Outdoor water recreation is new to York at Recharge Lake. The experimental groundwater project has provided a site for ice skating in the winter and fishing, small boating, and swimming in the summer. The small lake is stocked with bluegill, bass, catfish, and Northern Pike.

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Lee's Legendary Marbles and Collectibles

"Everybody played marbles when I was going to school,including the girls. Sometimes they were better shots than the boys. It was one of the most popular games. There wasn't TV then, none of that. So you got out and played marbles. Back then the marbles cost a little bit of nothing. You could get 50

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