Beaver County, OK

Beaver County , OKIn 1887, Cimarron Territory was formed to provide law and order in what had become to be known as No Man's Land. This new territory encompassed the present three counties of the panhandle, and the entire area was designated as Beaver County, with Beaver City as the county seat. It wasn't until 1906 that a State Constitutional Convention decided to split old Beaver County into three equal area counties in 1907.

Families settled from other countries such as Germany, Bavaria, Bohemia, as well as from states such as Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, built the area into thriving prosperous communities. They built churches and schools, organized towns and post offices, and provided a stable life in this harsh new land. These same folk survived the Dust Bowl and continued in the tradition of being good neighbors.

The sand dunes in Beaver County make a marked contrast to some of the surrounding areas. The large system of sand dunes border the north bank of the Beaver River, also called the North Canadian. Over 10,000-50,000 years ago, during the Great Ice Age, heavy rainfall and snow-melt carried sand, gravel, silt and clay down Oklahoma's river systems from their headwaters in the rocky Mountains region. As these materials were deposited along the river's flood plain, wind would gradually move the lightweight sand particles away from the river, forming sand bars and dunes. Because Oklahoma's prevailing wind is from the south, most of these sand dunes were formed on the north bank of these rivers. When these sand dunes lose their blanket of vegetation, they become "active" and begin to slowly move as they are propelled by the force of the wind.

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Gateway to the Panhandle Museum

Housed in the restored Depot.

Gate, OK Museums

Beaver State Park

Approximately 520 acres in size, Beaver State Park is located in Oklahoma's panhandle region, near the city of Beaver. This park is in an area of many environmental contrasts between quiet, sheltered low pockets amidst high sand dunes exposed to the harsh panhandle elements.

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Beaver River Wildlife Management Area

The Beaver River Wildlife Management Area is located just west of Beaver. This area covers 16,000

Beaver, OK Recreation

Jones and Plummer Trail Museum

Beaver is home to the Jones and Plummer Trail Museum. It displays many artifacts that tell the tales of Beaver County and the Panhandle people who pioneered this area. The Jones and Plummer Trail Museum houses artifacts and prototype rooms from early day No Man'

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Beaver County's Oldest Tree

Beaver County's oldest tree estimated to be over 120 years old has a reserved spot of distinction in the Lingering Memories Park, a spot in downtown Beaver dedicated to the early pioneers of the area.

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Jones and Plummer Trail Marker

In early 1870s, C.E.(Ed) Jones and Joe Plummer blazed the historic trail which is an important part of Oklahoma Panhandle's rich heritage.

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Beaver Pioneer Park Golf Course

Beaver's Golf Course is a semi-private 9-hole course with bent grass greens and water challenges. There is a practice area with a driving range from a grass tee area, a putting green, and a sand and chipping area. It is open year round with an open guest policy.

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