Cimarron County, OK

Cimarron CountyFriendly Cimarron County offers treasures from both past and present. See the ruts of the historic Santa Fe Trail, original dinosaur tracks - REALLY!, and see the highest point in Oklahoma atop magnificent Black Mesa where you'll find the Old Maid and the Wedding Party, among other rock formations. Fish at Lake Carl Etling any time of year, and see Camp Billy Joe--a Christian youth camp near Kenton.

In April, enjoy events ranging from our Trout Derby to an Easter pageant. There's Santa Fe Trail Daze and Art Show the first weekend in June, the Cimarron County Fair in September, a Crafts Show in October, and much more. And don't forget the fast-growing Cimarron Heritage Center--it showcases our area's rich past.

Fun Facts:

  • Of the 3,070 counties in the United States, Cimarron is the only one that touches five states.
  • More Indian artifacts have been found in Cimarron County than in any other in the country.
  • Boise City was bombed during WW II.
  • Kenton is the only town in the state on Mountain Time.

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Jack Hoxie, Silver Screen Cowboy

At the turn of the century, silent silver screen stars like Jack Hoxie, brought thrilling adventures of the Old West to theaters across America. It all started with the filming of "The Great Train Robbery" in 1903 and from there western films were high in demand. 10

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Black Mesa Nature Preserve

The 1,600 acre preserve protects about 60% of the mesa top in Oklahoma in addition to talus slopes and plains habitat. A native granite monument marks the highest point in Oklahoma - 4,973

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Black Mesa

Lava from an extinct volcano created the rugged setting of the Black Mesa which is the highest point in Oklahoma, just short of 5,000 feet above sea level. Here in the western end of Cimarron County, history is revealed with a lid some 50 to 60 feet thick, about 50

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Autograph Rock

Autograph Rock contains hundreds of carved signatures of Santa Fe travelers and others dating as early as 1826. Autograph Rock is a 200 yard long rock cliff about 20-25 feet high. There are over 323 names on the rock itself and 500

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"Old Maid" and "The Wedding Party"

About six miles east of Kenton, a group of formations can be seen east of the 101 Ranch on the south side of the road. This group is known as "The Three Sisters" or "The Wedding Party". One mile further east on the north side of the road is the formation known as "The Old Maid". The Old Maid (

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Santa Fe Trail

The Santa Fe Trail is thought to be the oldest and longest commercial highway across the Great Plains, from Franklin on the Missouri River east of present Kansas City nearly 800 miles southwest to Santa Fe of today's New Mexico. A direct path across the plains (the Cimarron Route or Cut-off)

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Boise City Bombed

JULY 5, 1943 12:30 A.M. Boise City, Oklahoma was the only city in the United States to be bombed during World War II. On Monday night, July 5, 1943, at approximately 12:30 a.m., a B-17 Bomber based at Dalhart Army Air Base (50 miles to the south of Boise City)

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"Cimmy", the Apatasaurus

Bones of prehistoric dinosaurs were discovered in 1931 about eight miles east of Kenton which included an almost complete skeleton of an apatasaurus, thought to be the largest specimen of its kind in existence. "Cimmy"

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Cimarron County Golf Course

The Cimarron County Golf Course is a 9

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Mormon Battalion Memorial Plaque

A plaque was erected in 1983 at the north side of the courthouse in Boise City, observing the crossing of this area by the 500 man Mormon Battalion from September 23 through 27, 1846

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