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Ellis CountyMurals express the history of Ellis County through artwork that gives us a feeling of being there while history was recorded. Six historical time-line murals are displayed in the Shattuck Public Library.

* The second panel shown above tells of these events:
An area SETTLER (upper left) guards his claim after the Run of September 1893.

SOD HOUSES (upper center) were palaces to their owners.

T.N. MILLER, one of Shattuck's first merchants and his wife MAUDE (SANDEFUL) MILLER, the first school teacher in the frame school, are pictured in upper right.

The SANTA FE RAILROAD (lower left) made up special trains to deliver the GERMAN IMMIGRANTS to our area. Two such trains arrived in Shattuck in November, 1904, and March, 1905.

The "BOX T RANCH" of the Dominion Cattle Company (left center) had its headquarters near Shattuck. Nearly all of Ellis County was in its range.

John M. McCullough delivered the U.S. Mail in this MAIL WAGON (center right) in early 1900s.

* Earlier history represented in Panel 1 (not shown) tells about the first developments throughout Ellis County:

BATTLE OF WOLF CREEK - 1838 - This was the first recorded history found of this area.

WAGON TRAIN -, represents the westward movement across our great country.

MILITARY DISPATCH RIDER - 1874 - 1890, carried messages and mail between Camp Supply and Fort Elliott, Texas.

GENERAL GEROGE ARMSTRONG CUSTER and his troops fought sub-zero weather as they passed through this area on their way to "The Battle of the Washita."

KIOWA EXTENSION LINE OF THE AT&SF - was completed through Shattuck in 1886-1887. In the background are the last of the vast buffalo herds.

EARLY DAY SETTLERS - stand in front of their dug-out home.

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In keeping with the narrow focus of the Shattuck Windmill Museum and Park, a half-dugout has been reconstructed at the park to show how many of the early settlers lived. It is furnished with a small iron stove, table and quilt covered bed. See how a dry, packed earthen floor actually becomes "

Shattuck, OK Pioneer History

Windmill Museum and Park

Shattuck Windmill Museum and Park was established in 1994 and now, 37 windmills stand in the park, with no two alike, from a little 5 foot "Star Zephyr" to the big 18 foot "Samson."

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Log Cabin

The two-story log cabin now located just south of the Ellis County Courthouse on the Courthouse lawn, built of cedar logs was originally built in Ellis County near where Joe Pyle Canyon and Spring Canyon intersect. Tom Black built the cabin in 1893

Arnett, OK Pioneer History

Homestead Museum

Some of the items in the museum came from the people who came by covered wagon to homestead in what is now Ellis County, Oklahoma in the the late 1890s and early 1900s. There are household items (tables, pie cabinet, bed, dishes, more), personal items (powder boxes, watches, mirrors, more)

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Time-line Murals

Six murals, depicting the History of Shattuck, are dedicated to the early pioneer families whose courage and hard work sculpted a bustling, thriving town out of an arid prairie inhabited by buffalo and coyotes.

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Ellis County Courthouse

Built in 1912, the historic Ellis County Courthouse stands in the center of the Courthouse Square in Arnett. Just south of the Courthouse stands the old jail and an historic log cabin that is stilll in use today by the local Boy Scouts.

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Homestead House

In 1997, a one and a half story homestead house was moved to the Windmill Museum and Park. This home typifies the frame structure that an early family would have built once they had moved from their "soddy." It is furnished and contains a small corner for windmill memorabilia.

Shattuck, OK Pioneer History

Casita Blanca

On a 160 acre homestead claim of 1902, the "little white house" was built in the early 1920s by Joseph Feerer. Through the years there has been various businesses located here, but this small one bedroom cottage has always been referred to as the "little white house,"

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Shattuck Municipal Golf Course

The Shattuck Municipal Golf Course is a 9 hole course located 1 mile south of town on Highway 283.

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Lake Vincent/ Ellis County Wildlife Management Are

Lake Vincent offers 160 acres of fishing, hunting, boating and primitive camping. A boat ramp and restrooms are available.

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