Grant County, OK

Grant CountyGrant County is full of historic and interesting sites and friendly people. Just seven miles southeast of the farming community of Lamont, visit the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Clouds and Radiation Testbed Site placed by the U.S. Department of Energy (one of only three sites in the world).

Medford, the county seat and boyhood home of Army Chief of Staff, Dennis J. Reimer, (Ret.), features a 9-hole golf course, an asphalt-runway airport and the Grant County Homesteaders Monument. Just south is the "Ghost Town" of Jefferson. Sewell's Stockade and the crossing of the Chisholm Trail are just a mile south of Medford with historic monuments 11/4 miles east of Highway 81.

Across the Salt Fork River lies the community of Pond Creek, which hosts the Grant County Fair every September. Further west is the community of Nash, known for it Homesteaders Brick Memorial Walk, located in the town park.

North is Wakita, the town made famous by the movie Twister. While there, visit the "Twister" Museum, take a walk through the Butterfly Garden and see the Grant County Veterans Memorial Brick Plaza Garden. Each September, the town and the Wakita Lions Club host the "Old Settlers" Cherokee Strip Celebration.

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Medford Centennial Buildling

The Medford Centennial Buildling lets you view records the City's History from 1893 to present.

Medford, OK Museums

Grant County Historical Society Museum

Visit the Grant County Museum to learn about the history and development of the area from the 1893 Cherokee Strip Land Run, farm equipment, and 1890s clothing and cooking equipment.

Medford, OK Museums

Grant County Homesteader's Monument

Dedicated to the Pioneers and Homesteaders of the Land Run into the Cherokee Outlet, part of which is Grant County on September 16, 1893. From the pioneers'

Medford, OK Monuments

Historic Churches

When Medford was first settled as a "tent city"

Medford, OK Historic Churches

Chisholm Trail Marker

The marker designates the crossing of the Chisholm Trail with a historic monument located south and 1 1/4 mile east of Highway 81.

The Chisholm Trail ... Medford, OK Historical Markers

Grant County Court House

The Grant County Courthouse was built in 1910. Located on the Court House lawn is a Vietnam War, 105mm Howitzer, Mobile Artillery Field Piece, and the Homesteaders Monument listing names of the pioneers who settled the land in the 1893 Land Run.

Medford, OK Historic Courthouses

Medford Public Library

Along with up-to-date collections, the Medford Library has genealogy information dating from 1893 to the present. It also has a large collection of Grant County newspapers as well as other historical information and books.

Medford, OK Genealogy

Medford Golf Course

Medford's Golf course is a 9-hole course located North of the Industrial Park.

Medford, OK Golf Courses

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