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McIntosh CountyThe history of McIntosh County and the Lake Eufaula area ranges from Civil War action to Spanish explorers and tales of Belle Starr, whose grave is in the lake area.

Part of this early history was covered by the waters of Lake Eufaula, when 63-foot high Standing Rock disappeared beneath the rising water. The rock had Spanish carvings and the date 1851 and many believed the carvings were directions to Spanish jewels and gold buried in the area.

Of wide interest to tourists is the national park that marks the Honey Springs Battlefield of the Civil War. Here at the historic spot the greatest battle in Oklahoma and one of the biggest fought west of the Mississippi gave the northern troops a victory that played a decisive factor in the termination of the mighty conflict.

Visitors to the Eufaula Dam will enjoy seeing an interesting eight feet by sixteen feet mural painted by Indian artist, Monroe Moore. Belle Starr, famous woman outlaw, is also pictured in the Moore painting.

History ...

McIntosh County was named after Creek Chief, William McIntosh. The Creek Indians were located originally in parts of Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. When Andrew Jackson acquired the Creeks' Georgia lands and required the land be turned over to the Federal Government, the Creeks then established a death penalty for signing away their lands. Chief William McIntosh of the Lower Creeks signed a treaty in 1825 exchanging remaining Creek lands in Georgia for land between the Arkansas and Canadian Rivers in Oklahoma Indian Territory and $400,000. The upper Creeks under Chief Opothleyahola refused to sign and a group executed Chief McIntosh.

McIntosh County was a part of the Creek Nation except for the southeast corner, which was Cherokee. The eastern boundary ran from a couple of miles east of Eufaula north and a little east to about Fort Gibson. The route of the Texas road ran very close to this boundary. Settlers passed through McIntosh County establishing the Texas Road on their way to settle Texas in the 1830s. Soon cattle were moving back up the Texas road along the trail, (now U.S. Highway 69), through what would later become North Fork Town and Checotah.

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Indian Territory Cemetery

The Indian Territory Cemetery has markers dating from 1872 to 1912.

Checotah, OK Cemeteries

The Cast Iron Kettle Cook Out

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Katy Depot Museum & Information Center

The KATY DEPOT was built in 1890 and is the M.K.&T.'s oldest surviving wooden station. Checotah was established as a railhead in 1872

Checotah, OK Museums

Sharpe House

The house was constructed on land bought in 1911

Checotah, OK Historic Homes

Historic Downtown Eufaula

Walk along the brick sidewalks and admire the Victorian buildings in Eufaula's 20 Block Historic downtown which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Foley Building that housed the State National Bank towers magnificently at the corner of Main Street.

Eufaula, OK Historic Districts

1903 IOOF Home

One Checotah National Historic Landmark which continues the service which began just after the turn of the century is the IOOF Home. In 1902, a farm of 160 acres and $5,000 was offered by W.E. Gentry and his wife, Sallie, and was accepted by the IOOF. The local lodge, chartered in 1895

Checotah, OK Historic Buildings

Historic Downtown Checotah

Downtown Checotah is one of only 15 National Register Historic Districts in Oklahoma. Built between 1898 and 1903, many of the buildings still show the grandeur of their original architecture. Unfortunately, in 1992 the loss by fire of Checotah'

Checotah, OK Historic Districts

Checotah Roundup Club Rodeos

Rodeo has always been a part of Checotah's history. This area is home to many champion cowboys and cowgirls, some of which always return to compete in Old Settler's Day events, including the annual Checotah Round-up Club rodeo.

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United Methodist Church

The United Methodist Church is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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Honey Springs Civil War Battlefield

Honey Springs Battlefield Memorial Park has gained national prestige as being listed on the National Map of Civil War Sites. On July 17, 1863, smoke billowed and cannons roared when nearly 6,000 Confederates were defeated by 3,400 Federals just 3 1/2 miles northeast of Checotah, Oklahoma.

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Pulitzer Prize Winner

Checotah's library is named in honor of the Pulitzer Prize winner, Jim Griffing Lucas. * A third generation Checotahan born June 22, 1914, *A 1931 graduate of Checotah High School and a champion debator, attended the University of Missouri; *

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