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Republic CountySpanish and French explorers found the Pawnee Indians in what are now Kansas and Nebraska in the 16th Century. Zebulon Pike (1806) and Jebediah Smith (1825) were early explorers thought to have spent time with the Pawnee in North Central Kansas.

About 1820 the Kitkehahki (Republican) band of the Pawnees settled near the the Republican River which was named after them. It is said the name republican was given to this band because the first white men in contact with them thought, mistakenly, that their form of government was a republic. The Pawnees remained until about 1830 when they seem to have been forced by their traditional enemies, the Kaws (Kansa) and the Osages, to rejoin the other Pawnees in the Platte River valley.

Drought and famine served as impetus for many of Sweden's citizens to emigrate to the New World in the 1870s.

In 1868, The Scandinavian Agriculture Society of Chicago lined up twelve sections of land in southwestern Republic County. A number of Scandinavian settlers, traveling by rail to Junction City and then walking the rest of the way, selected a site which by 1876 would be called Scandia.

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Pawnee Indian Village Museum & Historic Site

The Pawnee Indian Village Museum surrounds and explains an excavated Pawnee Indian earthlodge. The grounds are dotted with the remains of the village which include lodges, storage pits, plazas and a fortification wall. It is located seven miles north of US 36 on K-266, west of Hwy 81.

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High Banks Hall Of Fame Museum

To recognize the long lasting tradition and prestige of various racing events held at the track, the "High Banks Hall of Fame and Museum" captures and remembers racing personalities, memorabilia, and displays race cars that influenced the historic racing community.

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Scandia United Methodist Church

The 1915 church building and the original church of 1877, were under the Swedish Methodist Episcopal Conference. In 1925, the combined charge of Providence Chapel (a country church)

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Boyer Museum of Animated Carvings

The Boyer Museum of Animated Carvings houses a large collection of animated carvings and motion displays by local folk artist Paul Boyer. His artwork is amazing, unique, humorous and entertaining. His animated displays have been a highlight of the NCK Free Fair for over 20

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Ada Lutheran Church

Ada Lutheran Church is the most prominent limestone structure in southwest Republic County. The rock was quarried three miles west and hauled with hammer and chisel. The alter painting was done by Birger Sandzen. Church historians are currently translating the church board minutes from 1873 to the 1

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Scandia Museum

The Scandia Museum houses many relics from the early settlers who were mostly Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian.

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St. Isidore's Catholic Church

Through the faith, love and caring of our Parish families, we will continue on at our small parish of St. Isidore's Cathoic Church. In 1870

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City Recreation

Public Swimming Pool, 804 M Street Five softball/baseball fields

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Historical Marker

Long before white men settled Kansas this region was the home of Pawnee Indians. French traders in the late 1700'

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Rocky Pond Recreation Area

This scenic spot offers showers, picnic areas, fishing, playground equipment and full utility hookups all in a shady spot that is wheelchair accessible.

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