Sheridan County, NE

Sheridan CountyIn the Spring of 1879, cattlemen first entered the vast area known as the Nebraska Sandhlls. About two-thirds of Sheridan County is in this rolling country with its lush meadows and hundreds of small lakes and springs. Drive a few miles down a Sandhills road, stand quietly, and savor the beauty of the prairie. Look for the White tail deer, the mule deer, and the white rump of the Pronghorn Antelope as you drive the roads in Sheridan County.

The northern part of Sheridan County is known as the Pine Ridge. It is comprised of a large rock formation that is covered with a Ponderosa Pine forest. The Beaver Wall, nearly vertical rock cliff extending for several miles, offers scenic views of such historical sites as Sheridan Gates, Old Camp Sheridan, and Scout Point. Here can be remembered the events of the 1800s involving the U.S. Army and the Sioux Indian chief, Crazy Horse.

Everywhere in Sheridan County you will see prime cattle herds. Here cattle is "King" and the ranchers raise some of the finest beef in the world!

Bass, bluegill, bullheads, perch, and other lake fish are waiting to be caught at Smith Lake, Walgren Lake, and private lakes found in Sheridan County.

Sheridan County has a variety of activities for the outdoor enthusiast. Canoeing, Hiking, Hunting, Bird Watching, Star Gazing, Swimming, Cross Country Skiing, Rock Hunting, Arrow Head Hunting, and Trail Rides - all family activities.

Whether you are visiting Sheridan County for the scenery, the history, the people of the spirit of the great outdoors ... you'll find it ALL in SHERIDAN COUNTY, NEBRASKA!

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Pioneer Mural

The mural located in downtown Gordon created in 1991 expresses the pioneer growth of the area in the late 1800s and early 1900

Gordon, NE Arts

Old Jules Sandoz Country Tour

This is a do-it-yourself tour around the area in which Jules Sandoz lived and references that are made in some of Mari Sandoz'

Gordon, NE Tours

Gordon Golf and Country Club

You will be challenged by a tough nine-hole grass greens course, "the best in the west," located on the west edge of town.

Several tournaments are sponsored during the season. Youth activities are important at the club and visitors are always welcome.

Gordon, NE Recreation

Rushville Museum

The Rushville Museum moved in to the 1890 Armstrong House in 1960

Gordon, NE Museums

Tri State Old Time Cowboys Memorial Museum

The 40 foot by 80 foot log building was constructed in 1969 as a testimonial to the rugged western life of the old time cowboys who worked as ranch hands and performed at the Sheridan County Rodeo. Exhibits include an early chuck wagon with over 250

Gordon, NE Museums

Mari Sandoz 1896-1966

The fears, the passions, and the distinctive speech of the Western Nebraska homesteader come alive in the writings of Mari Sandoz. She was born on her father's homestead on the Niobrara River in northwestern Nebraska, May 11, 1896

Gordon, NE Famous People

Walgren Lake State Recreation Area

Walgren Lake is nestled into the prairie, surrounded by trees and picnic areas. It is known for quiet, primitive camping, good fishing and the legend of the "Walgren Lake Monster." A wheelchair accessible fishing pier introduces 100

Gordon, NE Recreation

Scamahorn Museum

The Scamahorn Museum is the 1884

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Spade Ranch - NHR (Ellsworth Vicinity)

Spade Ranch is located in the Sandhills of northwestern Nebraska on a tract of land in Sheridan and Cherry counties. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the ranch includes numerous buildings and structures, including the log cookhouse built in 1879

Gordon, NE National Register

Sheridan County Courthouse - NHR (Rushville)

Organized in 1885, Sheridan County named Rushville as its county seat in 1888. The county initially rented office space. In February 1904

Gordon, NE National Register

Willow Tree Festival

Held each year on the second weekend in September, this is a two day, outdoor event in the city park. The festival features a large variety of live professional entertainment on two stages and amateur entertainment on a third stage. Food and craft booths, childrens'

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Sheridan County Historical Museum

The complete story of Camp Sheridan and the Spotted Tail Agency can be found here, along with numerous exhibits showing life on the frontier.

Rushville, NE Museums

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