Antelope Lake, KS

Antelope Lake, Kansas

FISH BITE: --- Well, Antelope lake has no report today (10-4-2018) but I can say that typically it is a lake that will produce some fish. So if you do go there let me know how it was. It is a lake that I would feel comfortable with in going to --- quite, primitive camping and lots of cover for the fish. --- If it rains, go to inflow of water and fish for channel cat :) Antelope Lake, on the State Historical List, was built by the WPA in the 1930's, and features several native stone structures. The 80 acre lake is great for recreation and fishing with boat ramps, camping and picnic areas. The lake is well known for good fishing.


KIDS FISHING INFORMATION: This lake has a lot of shore area that contains bluegill and some bass. The road encircles the lake making it easier to find rocks or weeds along the shore. I would suggest worms with a bobber 18 inches above the worms - fished close to shore near rocky or weeded areas. Also, a fly tied at the end of 8 or 6 pound line with a bobber 18 to 24 inches above it. When using a fly cast at an angle away from your position fairly close to shore and reel the fly back at a slower speed. If there are bluegill in the area they will usually take the fly. Using a fly can not only catch fish but help in becoming better at casting. For the grownups --------- I have not fished this lake but have had several people tell me it produces good numbers of sizable bass.

LOCATION: 7 TO 10 minutes from a small community called Morland. Around 20 minutes from Hill City, Kansas. A city of around 1,400.,-100.1761238,12z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x87a03acd6b02ccf3:0x2733c0aafdb9249c!8m2!3d39.3742674!4d-100.112218


CAMPING: All camping areas are primitive.



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Location: Graham County KS

Contact: 785-421-3453