Arcadia Lake Trails

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Arcadia Lake Trails Arcadia Lake has excellent opportunities for those who like to go mountain biking, hiking, and horseback riding. Totaling 17 miles of beautiful landscape and scenery, there's plenty of room for such usages. All trails are open from sunrise to sunset, seven days a week, so recreational opportunities are greater than ever!

The Multiple Use Trail, the one most often used, is approximately 8.5 miles one way from the Project Office, which is located at 9000 East 2nd Street, to Spring Creek Park, which is located at 7200 South East 15th Street. The Arcadia Lake multiple-use trail was designed to be used by mountain bikers, though hikers, cross country runners, and nature walkers, also use the trail. This multiple-use trail is a single dirt track with added bridges and water crossings. During the rainy seasons some parts of the trail can be impassable.

Numerous signs are located throughout the multiple-use trail indicating direction. These signs also designate the main and alternate trails. These trails eventually connect and end at the trail- heads. A white arrow indicates the main trails, and a yellow arrow indicates alternate trails or routes.

A twisting and winding trail, the Multiple-Use Trail is used for any season of the year, especially during the winter. During the summer, the best time to ride is after some rain, due to some sandy areas of the trail. This trail is accessible in the following Parks: Spring Creek Park, Edmond Park, and Central State Park.

The Hiking Trail is designed with several steep challenges and pavement changes that gives a good workout. With its twist's and turn's it would send anyone out for a full day of beautiful trails and something to look forward to. There are hiking trails in all of Arcadia Lake Parks.

Admission: Park Permit Required
Hours: Open Year Round
Address: 1.5 miles SW of Arcadia
Phone: 405-396-8026

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