Arcadia Lake Wildlife Viewing

category : Nature Trails
Arcadia Lake Wildlife Viewing Morning hours are the best time to view and listen for the many bird species around the lake. The woodlands which make up much of the parks are home to a wide variety of species. Listen for the drumming of the downy woodpecker or the "chickadee-dee-dee" of the Carolina Chickadee. Fall is a great time to view the many species of waterfowl that visit the lake. Mallards, redheads, canvasbacks, scaup, and the elegant pintails and wood ducks may be seen. Canada geese and white pelicans spend time in the quiet backwater areas.

Many mammals, from the large white-tailed deer to the tiny shrew, make the parks and lake area their home. A quiet afternoon stroll along a nature trail may startle a buck from his daybed, or result in a brief glimpse of a bobcat or gray fox. Nature study along the shoreline or on one of the many ponds may reward the curious with a beaver, raccoon, or sunning turtle. Terrapins roam the woodlands and fields, as do deer mice, cotton rats, and voles.

There are nature trails in all of Arcadia Lake Parks.

Admission: Park Permit Required
Hours: Open Year Round
Address: 1.5 miles SW of Arcadia
Phone: 405-396-8026

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