Belton Lake Hunting

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Designated public lands at Belton and Stillhouse Hollow Lakes are open for free public hunting. These areas are shown on the lake maps as Wildlife Management Areas. Hunters must observe all Federal and State hunting laws and regulations that apply to these public lands with regards to hunting license, season, and bag limits. A free Waterfowl Hunting Permit is required on both Belton & Stillhouse Hollow Lakes. Hunting is allowed from September 1 through the end of goose season as posted in the State hunting guide. Hunters are encouraged to wear blaze orange when in the hunting areas.

The following rules and regulations also apply:

While hunting at Belton and Stillhouse Hollow Lakes

You may:

1. Hunt in designated hunting areas and adjacent waters only.

2. Hunt dove, waterfowl, quail, rabbit, and squirrel at Belton Lake only.

3. Hunt dove, waterfowl, and quail at Stillhouse Hollow Lake only. Waterfowl hunters, click here to obtain your permit.

4. Hunt using shotgun with shot load only.

5. Hunt waterfowl with steel shot only.

6. Use temporary or natural blinds. All temporary blinds will be removed at the end of each day.

7. Camp in designated park areas only.

8. Operate vehicles on designated roads only.

You may not:

1. Hunt outside of designated hunting areas.

2. Hunt within 600 feet of private property or designated recreation area.

3. Hunt deer or turkey.

4. Hunt, trap, or capture fur bearing and other non-game animals.

5. Use rifles, pistols, or shotguns with buckshot or slugs.

6. Engage in target practice of any type.

7. Use traps, snares, bait, or tranquilizers to take any wildlife.

8. Hunt, pursue, or harass eagles, hawks, owls, bobcats, coyotes, mountain lions, or any wildlife species that is listed as endangered or threatened with extermination.

The Corps of Engineers hopes you enjoy the use of the lakes and that you have a good hunt. We ask each hunter to be good stewards of the land and help preserve these areas for further generations. Your help is requested to help stop a few problems:

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