Branched Oak Hunting/Trapping

category : Hunting
Quail, dove, pheasant, squirrel, cottontail rabbit and white tail deer abound in the woods and grasslands around Branched Oak. Waterfowl, too, are plentiful and hunting is permitted as posted. Branched Oak is closed to dark (Canada) goose hunting. Temporary waterfoul blinds may be used, provided they are removed from the area daily.

Shoreline trapping for furbearers is also popular in season. Hunting and trapping are not permitted within 100 yards of public use facilities and upland (dryland) trapping is prohibited prior to December 15. Hunters should check the Nebraska Hunting Guide for current regulations.

Branched Oak offers other hunting related amenities, including a shotgun range east of Area #10 and an archery range in Area #2. Visitors, please pick up your trash as you leave these facilities

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