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Walleye, wipers, channel cat, crappie, bass,muskellunge, pike and white bass are there to test your skills as an angler. Spring up to early summer is usually the best time for walleyeor crappie. As the water warms white bass, catfish and wipers will become a bit more active.
In 2000 muskellunge were stocked and then stocked on an alternate year basis. The fish could be up to 40 inches with a few maybe even bigger.
There is a minimm length limit as of the present of 40 inches with a daily
bag limit of one.
On the other hand Northern Pike have no length limit and have a daily bag limit of three. Make sure you either know how to tell or carry something that does tell you how to identify these two fish.

There is good access to bank fish for those who don\\\'t have a boat. Some
of these are said to be located at Homestead Knolls area, Little York Point, Dry Creek, Nuda Shoal and Buckshot Bay. For those who have waders or belly boats the lake people say that the Dry Creek area is especially
good for this type of fishing. Or pick a spot and see what happens. That\\\'s part of the mystique of fishing. You can surprise yourself sometimes by just checking out an area. Good Fishing to you and enjoy
the sport as well as just being able to be out there.

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