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Cedar Bluff Scenic Trails If you are a year-round explorer, there are many sites to see in and around the Cedar Bluff area. Just north and west of the Bluffton area within the wildlife area, lies Threshing Machine Canyon. This canyon was a station site for the historical Butterfield Overland Trail during the mid-1800's. Its name comes from an invalidated event in which a band of Indians attacked and killed a party of Brigham Young followers who were transporting a threshing machine to Salt Lake City. For many years the remains of the old threshing machine could be seen. To this day, if you search for them, the names and dates of many travelers from this era are still engraved into the limestone bluffs and boulders surrounding the area! (This area is also a wildlife refuge and is closed from September 1 through March 10).

Just west of the Page Creek Area, you can find the cedar lined, 100-foot tall limestone bluffs, from which the reservoir's name was derived. The area provides some excellent hiking and stunning views of the reservoir, the surrounding mixed grass prairie and the rolling hills of the Smoky Hill River Valley.

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