Choke Canyon Reservoir Horse Trails

category : Equestrian
Choke Canyon State Park - North Shore Equestrian Area: This area, in excess of 1200 acres with 18 miles of trails, is accessed by a paved road across the dam from the South Shore Unit to North Shore. The area's terrain ranges from eroded, gently rolling brush land to rugged and rocky areas that provide habitat for a variety of wildlife. This area is only available for use on Saturdays and Sundays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. A per-person entrance fee is charged and all users must check in at the South Shore Headquarters. Lake water may be used for horses; bring potable water. No sanitary facilities; however, toilets and drinking water are available at the South Shore Unit. No horse rentals or corrals available. The area is closed during hunting season; check schedule. Contact park for availability and additional information. Without exception, pack all litter and garbage out of the area for disposal in trash receptacles. Equestrian use information for other state parks.

Special Equestrian Note: In compliance with the Texas Animal Health Commission. No person may enter a state park with an equine or equines, or cause the entry of an equine or equines to a state park, unless that person has in their immediate possession, for each equine in the person's custody or equine that the person allowed to enter the state park, a completed VS Form 10-11 (Texas Animal Health Commission) showing that the equine has tested negative to an official Equine Infectious Anemia test within the previous 12 months. The documentation required by this subsection shall be made available for inspection upon the request of any department employee acting within the scope of official duties.

Address: 3.5 mi Wof Three Rivers on State Highway 72
Phone: 361-786-3538

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