Coffeeville Lake, AL

Coffeeville Lake, Alabama

The Black Warrior & Tombigbee Lakes (BW&T) consist of six lakes - Demopolis, Coffeeville, Warrior, Oliver, Holt and Bankhead. The lakes vary in size from the largest, Demopolis Lake with a surface area of 10,000 acres, to the smallest, Oliver Lake with a surface area of 800 acres.

Coffeeville Lake is the third largest lake in the system with a surface area of 8,800 acres and a length of 97 miles. A modern campground has been developed at Service Park just west of the town of Coffeeville. The Corps has licensed approximately 4,000 acres on Coffeeville lake to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for the Choctaw National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge is managed primarily for migratory waterfowl. Several areas are day use also located on Coffeeville Lake.

The Corps of Engineers provide seven (7) day use parks for use by the public. These parks provide the public with a variety of recreational opportunities and easy access to the water. There are facilities for boaters, sightseers and picnickers.

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Location: 3 mi W of Coffeeville

Contact: 334-289-3540

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