Council Grove Fishing

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Council Grove Fishing The lake has a combination of steep rocky shoreline and shallow mudflats. Two good fishing streams, Munkers Creek on the east and the Neosho River on the west, feed the lake.

Fishing opportunities are good with a smorgasbord of different species of fish. Council Grove is best known for its excellent crappie fishing, but the cat fishermen have always done well also. A few largemouth bass are also taken, as well as, walleye, white bass, and wiper. Council Grove was the first lake in Kansas to receive stockings of Saugeye.

Council Grove Lake is surrounded by cropland in its northern reaches and tributaries, and this supplies a large amount of silt that enters the reservoir during run-off. Water clarity is poor and rarely can one see more than a foot into the water. The lake itself reflects this; weed growth is minimal to nonexistent as light does not penetrate the depths and there are large mud flats in several areas of the lake that have formed through silting.

Admission: Park Permit Required
Address: 1 mile NW of Council Grove on Hwy 177
Phone: 620-767-5195

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