El Dorado Lake Hiking/Biking Trails

category : Hiking Trails
A variety of trails are available at El dorado State Park. In the Walnut River campground are the Teter Nature Trail, the Walnut Ridge Trail and the Double Black Diamond Mountain Bike Trail.

- The Teter Nature Trail is a 3/4 mile long hiking trail which meanders through the scenic Flint Hills.
- The Walnut Ridge Trail is a scenic hike/bike trail which winds along the Walnut River.
- The Double Black Diamond Trial is a branch off the Walnut Ridge Trail and is a challenging mountain bike ride through the timber along the Walnut river.

Admission: Park Permit Required
Address: 3 miles E, 2 miles N of Eldorado
Phone: 316-321-7180
Our Email: EldoradoSP@wp.state.

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