Flint Hills National Wildlife Refuge

category : Hunting
The Kansas Forestry Fish and Game Commission has a license to 1,472 acres of the project lands for wildlife management. The licensed area is known as the Otter Creek Game Management Area, and is managed primarily for bobwhite quail, mourning dove, greater prairie chicken, cottontail rabbit, squirrel, and deer. Like the USFWS, Wildlife and Parks requires all hunters to use steel shot only. Some regulations may differ in Corps areas. Additionally, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service manages approximately 18,500 acres on the upper end of the reservoir.

Public hunting is only allowed on Otter Creek Wildlife Area. Only portable or floating hunting blinds or blinds constructed of natural materials are allowed. Tree stands are allowed, but they must be portable and must be removed within 14 days after the hunting season.

Portions of the USFWS Flint Hills National Refuge are closed to public access during certain dates. Be sure you can identify the various areas on the reservoir before your outing.

Target practice is not allowed on Otter Creek Wildlife Area.

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