Georgetown Lake Hiking

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Georgetown Lake Hiking The Good Water Hiking Trail is a 16.6 mile rugged trail winding through dense Juniper Forest, Hardwood Bottomlands, and Prairie Grasslands . The trail extends from Cedar Breaks Parks to Russell Park. Careful planning is encouraged before going for a hike.

1. Good Water Trail does not make a complete circle around the lake. Transportation, either by car or boat, should be arranged in advance.

2. Heavy footwear with strong ankle support is recommended.

3. Treatment of clothing for chiggers and ticks is recommended.

4. Potable water is not available along the trail. The only available water is located at Tejas Camp. Trail users are urged to bring their own water.

5. Good Water Trail crosses Hunt Hollow Wildlife Management Area. Trail users should exercise caution during hunting season.

6. Anyone using the trail is advised to check in and check out with the gate attendants at Cedar Breaks Park, Russell Park, and Tejas Camp.

7. Russell Parks is closed from October 1 to March 31 each year. During this time, anyone parking on the county road outside the gate does so at his own risk.

8. Taking a means of communication (cellular phone, radio) is recommended in case of emergency.

Horses, off-road vehicles, and motorcycles are prohibited. Bicycles are allowed on the North side of the lake between Tejas Camp and Walnut Springs (about mile markers 11-15).

Dogs must remain on leash 6 feet or less and under control. All waste must be properly removed from the trail.

Camp in designated areas only. These areas are Cedar Hollow, Sawyer, Walnut, and Tejas Camp.

Ground fires are prohibited. Use fire rings which were constructed for that purpose.

Tree cutting is prohibited. Use only wood that is found on the ground.

Please pack out trash. Trash cans are located at each trailhead.

The taking of plants, animals, rocks, fossils, artifacts and other items is prohibited and punishable under federal laws and regulations by fines up to $250,000.

Endangered Golden-cheeked Warblers are in the area from February to August. During this time and during hunts, please reduce noise and remain on the trail.

The Crockett Garden Spring and Falls is an environmentally sensitive area, do not bathe or wade in the spring stream or slide down the falls.

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