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Georgetown Lake Hunting Hunt Hollow Wildlife Management area is 1200 acres managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Lake Georgetown. This area is known for its high concentrations of White-Tailed Deer. Hunting is utilized as a management tool to control animal populations in an effort to maintain a healthy ecosystem.

Deer hunting is only allowed after the completion of the annual proficiency testing and the issuance of a hunting permit ID awarded through a lottery drawing. The amount of time awarded for each hunting permit is dependent upon the number of permits awarded. For further information about the Lake Georgetown Hunting Policy contact 512/930-5253.

Opportunities for taking good bucks can be found by accessing the hunting areas by several means. Taking a boat from Him Hogg Park can access the best areas. However, several good bucks have been harvested by walking into the Deer only hunting area from Lost River estates. Be advised that parking here is not on Corps property and is limited. Hunters walking in from Russell Park see several big bucks every year. As with most hunting opportunities, the best is where the fewest people are. If you are traveling from a distance away it is suggested that you allow three days to hunt. Overnight camping is available at Jim Hogg for a minimum of $18.00 per night, Tejas Park for $6.00 per night, and free camping is available at Walnut Springs Camp, Sawyer Camp, and Cedar Hollow Camp.

Scouting is allowed prior to the season and during the season but remember that once the season has started there will be groups of hunters in the field. The placement of stands is allowed as well. However, once a stand is placed at the lake it becomes public property and may be used by other hunters. It is recommended that stands be taken down after each day. If you choose to leave a stand overnight, lock it to the tree with heavy chain and lock.

Youth and Handicapped Hunting

Youth Hunts and Handicapped Hunts can be scheduled through the Lake Georgetown Project office. Those persons wishing to organize a Youth or Handicapped hunt should contact a Park Ranger at least four months prior to the desired date of the hunt to be scheduled. Youth hunts are only offered in conjunction with Management Doe and Spike Hunts.

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