Granger Lake Fishing

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Granger Lake Fishing Fishing at Granger Lake varies throughout the year. Large catfish, along with the annual crappie and white bass runs bring many people to the lake for a taste of good Texas fishing.

The largest black bass caught to date at Granger Lake had a certified weight of 11.62 lbs, White Bass 2.64 lbs, White Crappie 2.25 lbs, Flathead Catfish 26.25 lbs, Blue Catfish 25.50 lbs.

Crappie - WMA, Willis Creek Park - Jan thru mid Feb., or Wilson Fox fishing dock during evenings. Can be caught in stilling basin on first day or so after gates are closed after a "good" release.

White Bass - During Bass "run" up the river - Mid Feb thru the end of March. Willis Creek - outside of lake impoundment (no later than mid Apr). In the lake (feeding on shad or hiding in cool water pockets) - End of "run" to mid summer. Can be caught in stilling basin first day or so after gates are closed after a "good" release, or during a 1 foot on each gate release.

Black Bass - Spotty throughout year; weight up to 11.62 lbs. Best up river in woody areas.

Flathead - In lake impoundment in upper river. March thru mid June

Catfish - Weight ranging from 10 - 80 lbs. (Caught on trot and drop lines) Best at Willis Creek Park and at Stilling Basin

Channel Catfish - All year except hot part of summer (July thru early Sept). Caught mostly on trot line, average weight 4 - 6 lbs. Best in Friendship Park and at Stilling Basin.

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