Hillsdale Fishing

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Hillsdale Fishing Hillsdale Lake is one of Kansas premier fishing lakes. With over 75% of the standing timber left in the lake, fish populations have ideal habitat to grow and reproduce. Crappie are the species of choice for most fishermen at Hillsdale. The lake reached conservation pool in 1985, since that time, crappie numbers have stayed at excellent levels to provide fishermen with plenty of action. Hillsdale Lake has a 10-inch minimum length limit on Crappie, and a statewide creel limit of 50 does apply. Hillsdale is known as one of the top Largemouth Bass lakes in the state, with an 18" length limit on bass , bass numbers remain at high levels with many quality to trophy size bass. Another species of fish that is getting recognition in Hillsdale is the Walleye, Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks fisheries biologist have stocked millions of Walleye into Hillsdale. Netting samples show that the lake contains many quality to trophy size walleye. An 18" length limit applies to Hillsdale Lake Walleye. Hillsdale Lake also maintains a large population of catfish. Channel, and Flathead catfish prowl the lake always looking for a meal.

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