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Hords Creek Lake Fishing Hords Creek Lake is a scenic and popular lake and is known for its largemouth bass fishing, but populations of flathead catfish and sunfish should not be overlooked. Florida largemouth bass were introduced in 1986. When fishing the lake, try a variety of baits and colors. During the summer when there is an abundance of small forage fish like sunfish, shad, and minnows, use small lures or live bait that is close in size to the natural bait. During the fall, winter, and early spring, use bigger baits to closely imitate the natural bait. try different locations too because some areas of the lake may be better than other areas on any given day. There are no boat rentals or fishing guides at Hords Creek Lake.


Hords Creek Lake has exceptional bass fishing. Prior to and during the spawning period (March-May), look for largemouth bass in coves that have partially flooded or submerged brush. The areas near Lakeside Park, Friendship Park, and Flatrock Park are particularly good during the spring. Spinnerbaits, crankbaits, plastic worms and lizards, and jigs are excellent choices during the spring. During the summer, early morning, late evening, and night fishing with surface lures can be fantastic. During summer, look for largemouth bass on main-lake points near deep water, ledges at Flatrock Park, or along the creek channel at the upper end of the lake. During the heat of the day, deep running crankbaits along the dam, points, or ledges can be effective, and plastic worms or jigs fished in thick brush can produce good catches. Fall fishing is probably the most exciting time to catch largemouth bass at the lake. Largemouth bass will move into shallow water as the water temperatures cool to feed for upcoming winter. At this time, bass can be caught nearly everywhere with a variety of baits. During the winter, once again look for bass in deeper water along ledges, points, and creek channels. Fishing is better this time of year on warm sunny afternoons following several warm days. Florida strain largemouth bass were introduced in 1986-1987.


Hords Creek Lake has black and white crappie. Fishing for white and black crappie require similar techniques. Crappie fishing is best in the spring and fall when crappie are in shallow water. Look for crappie in or near brush in the back coves, particularly during the spawning period (March-May). During the spring, concentrate on areas with gravel bottoms because crappie prefer a gravel bottom when spawning. During the summer, crappie are located in deeper with steep bottom gradients near submerged cover. Such areas are located on the ledges below Flatrock Park and at the fishing piers at the dam and Lakeside Park. Summertime crappie are usually most active at sunset and at night. During the winter, crappie associate with similar areas that they used in the summer and become more active on warm sunny days. Best baits for crappie are minnows and small jigs.


Channel catfish are a popular sport fish at Hords Creek Lake. They can be caught year-round on a variety of baits including shrimp, liver, worms, minnows, and stinkbaits. Fishing for channel catfish can be very good in the creek following a spring or summer rain. There is excellent bank fishing in most areas of the lake, and the fishing piers are great spots for catfishing. Channel catfish can be caught at any time of the day, but night fishing, especially during the summer, is most productive.


Flathead catfish (yellow catfish) grow to a much larger size than channel catfish. Flathead catfish are often difficult to catch. The most effective gear is a trotline baited with shad, goldfish, or perch. Trotlines work best when they are set along ledges, creek channels, or submerged humps. Rod and reel anglers can be successful by fishing with live or fresh-dead shad or perch near creek channels, rocky ledges, or submerged humps.


Hords Creek Lake supports excellent sunfish populations. Bluegill, redear sunfish, and redbreast sunfish are the most common sunfish at the lake. The fishing piers are excellent areas to fish for sunfish, and during the spring, look for nesting sunfish in the back of small coves. During the nesting period (April-July), sunfish are very aggressive and fairly easy to catch. The best baits for sunfish are small worms, grasshoppers, grubs, other small insects, and small spinners and jigs. Small baits are necessary because sunfish have small mouths which limits the size of food they can eat.

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