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Kanopolis Fishing The 3,300 acres of Kanopolis Lake provide anglers with a wide variety of fishing opportunities. The most sought after species include crappie, white bass and channel catfish. Walleye and wipers, a white bass/striped bass hybrid, are also caught.

White bass may be taken soon after the ice melts in the shallow near Bluff Creek. When river conditions allow, the white bass fishing during their March-April up-river spawn can be fantastic.

The best crappie fishing occurs during their spawning period from March-May. Crappie may also be taken year-round in the Tower Harbor and Yankee Run Coves or along the face of the dam.

Most channel cat are caught during summer nights at the upper end of the lake. Fishing just after the spring ice melt or using setlines throughout the lake are also popular techniques which can produce good results..

For the hardy angler, good ice fishing for crappie and white bass can also be found when conditions allow.

Rainbow trout are stocked yearly in the seep stream below the dam and in the Langley Point State Park pond. The trout season runs from 15 Oct- 15 April and a special trout permit is required to possess trout during this time.

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