Lake Coldwater Fishing

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Species of fish in Lake Coldwater are Channel Catfish, Crappie, Largemouth Bass, Wiper, Black Bullhead, Bluegill, and Green Sunfish. Check to see if length limits for Largemouth Bass and Wiper are still in effect.

Suggested tips for fishing:
Crappie - Fish around any brush or vegetation you can find as well as drop-offs. Using minnows, small slab spoons, or jigs work.

Largemouth Bass - Fishing with any shad imitation lures should work, especially around the stump rows and along shoreline vegetation. Topwater baits like buzzbaits or poppers are good early in the morning and late in the evening.

Channel Cat - Try liver, shrimp, worms, or other live baits. Normally they will be feeding on the wind blown side of the lake. You can also try drifting nightcrawlers or using cut bait.

Wipers - Try drifting live shad, sunfish, minnows, or vertically fishing slab spoons. You can catch these fish in shallow water usually on a windy day. Be on the lookout for wipers that are chasing spawning adult shad and cast into the
feeding areas.

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