Lake Manawa Fishing

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Iowa\'s DNR has said that the lake has had good to excellent shore fishing. This is good news not only for the regular angler but also for families and kids who are just starting out and do not have a boat for lake access. There
are boat rentals at the lake.

For kids just starting out there appears to be plenty of Bluegill which can be caught on small hooks with worms. Something to consider is a small fly with a bobber 15\" or a bit more above the fly. Cast it out and bring it back in along weed beds, rocky bottoms, or any shallower area where there looks to be some cover for bluegills. A slower retrieve is usually more productive but test different speeds to see what works the best. Bluegills usually hit the fly hard enough that they will set the hook into themselves without any help from the angler.

Channel cat have been reported to be in good numbers and are actually a good fighting fish for their size. Sizes have been in the 15\" to 24\" range. Good eating too.

Bass populations have been a bit off but there are good quality bass still there to tempt the bass fisherman. It\'s great to practice catch and release with these fish.

Crappie fishing varies year to year but seems to always give many anglers good fishing time and good eating time.

Walleyes have been present in fair numbers with walleyes reaching 15 to 24 inches in length. Another great eating fish.

Wipers (stocked by the DNR)- it looks like there will be good numbers of 11\" to 15\" fish.

There are flathead catfish in the lake and they provide a chance of catching something that will definitely let you know that you have something on the end of your line that doesn\'t want you to win.

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