Lake Ogallala Eagle Viewing

category : Birdwatching
Some years more than a hundred bald eagles gather in trees overlooking the spillway from Kingsley Hydroelectric plant. The Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District maintains a heated, public viewing area where eagles, coyotes and an occasional fox can be seen close at hand.

In late fall and early winter, floating blinds dot the Keystone Diversion Impoundment, a 300-acre extension of Lake Ogallala that is highly attractive to migrating waterfowl. Diving ducks, including coastal species rare to the Plains, are some times seen feeding in areas of open water, and winter birdwatchers make Lake Ogallala a regular stop.

Rugged escarpments to the south rise vertically from the lake. To the north where Nebraska's Sandhills closely border the North Platte River, the landscape takes on a different look.

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